Parit Buntar…My HomeTown

Parit Buntar! Actually it’s not really a kampung la. Once known as Kerian, famous for it’s sugar cane production during British colonial, and also the arowana, which produced by the Kerian River. And now become the Northest city of Perak State, bordered by Kedah and Penang.

Parit Buntar holds a very important role, to connect between these 3 states. The economy here even bursted after the launched of the USM engineering campus, just situated neighbouring to Parit Buntar. Here is where u can find everythings, about nature! hehe, of course la, Parit Buntar no big shopping centers. But we only need 30mins to reach Penang, 20 mins to reach Bukit Merah and also 40 mins to reach Taiping. And the most important thing is, Parit Buntar…My Hometown.

Only 5 minutes needed to travel between these 3 states, if u stay here. Even cycling also consumed u abt 10 minutes. Hehe, so according to me, the people here become the most interstate travelers in Malaysia, hehe.

I love my town, this is the place where I spent my secondary school life time with. My family, my education, my friendships, and also the place where I grown become a man, hehe. It’s not a big city, but it’s full of my footprints… Thx, PB.

If u hv a chance to drop by, pls dun forget to enjoy the picturesque view formed by the Kerian River.


Enjoying ice-cream at the riverside with my mum, on my left, Bandar Baharu,Kedah and on my right, Parit Buntar, My Hometown










The river bank of the Kerian River, once holded the Water Carnival of the Malaysia, national level.

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6 Responses to Parit Buntar…My HomeTown

  1. Fikri says:

    oh ya…
    Parit Buntar…My HomeTown,
    know…PB is not a big city, but u can find anything here…..
    border of 3 states…….PB is a unique city/town

    grammar terabur…hehe

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Hehe,yup,Parit Buntar memang a unique town…

  3. Subir De says:

    Parit Buntar was my hometown and that was so long ago that I cannot recognize it from the pictures, except for our famous clock tower. I can still remember it’s opening ceremony. Thanks very much for posting.

  4. limshouzhi says:

    We are proud to be from Parit Buntar!hehe…

  5. zerri says:

    I missed my home town. While searching a pic about P.Buntar I found your blog. Its bring back a memories of my childhood until i left P.Buntar in year 2000. Great blog by the way.

  6. limshouzhi says:

    Thx for like my blog, hope u will come back to parit buntar and visit there always!

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