I’m back again to Russia…

I’m back again to Russia


Hi, I’m back, after about 10 days of vacation in Italy… And I’ll bring new stuffs to share…


This is supposed to be my last post for this trip, but I would rather post it 1st. Why? Every trip begins with transportation, so without it, there’s nowhere we can go…




Just want to express my feelings about this trip… My trip to Italy was wonderful, but the airline I took …….


We went to Italy by Niki Airways, co-partner of Air Berlin based in Vienna, Austria. This is the 1st time flying with this airline, we chose this airline without any hesitation because from my friends’ previous experience, they said it’s cheap, nice, reliable and worth to try.




As the saying goes, ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst’ I met with the worst condition I’ve ever had.


The airline really gave me lots of ‘surprises’. Want to know what surprises they gave?


My flight from Moscow to Vienna had been delayed for an hour, as soon as the plane landed in Vienna, we had to rush from 1 gate to another in 10 minutes in order to catch my flight to Milan. So, there came my 1st surprise.


When I reached Milan only then I found out that my luggage was left behind at the Vienna airport! The reason they gave was they didn’t have enough time to put my luggage onboard. They need at least an hour to unload and reload the luggage from one plane to another. “What the hell!??” It was 7.30pm. Since I was told that my luggage will arrive in 3 more hours with Austrian Airline, at 10.30pm, I chose to wait at the Milan airport instead of going straight to hotel because without my luggage, how am I supposed to have mood to travel?



Malpensa Airport, Milan…


But when it’s 10.30pm, I was told again that I couldn’t get my luggage until 12.00am, because Austrian Airlines too, was delayed and we had to rush to our hotel before the metro station is closed! So, we left the airport without my luggage. What a lovely 25th birthday present they gave to me. Niki Airways…





And my luggage finally arrived on the second day in the evening.



That’s not the end of the story, on my way back to Moscow, I met with the same situation again! This time was due to the delay from Milan to Vienna because of the bad weather. And the same condition occurred again, we rushed from one gate to another in 10 minutes again to catch our flight back to Moscow. But this time I was more alert, from my previous experience with the airlines, I asked the personnel in-charge to make sure that my luggage will be onboard before I boarded the plane.  



And I think I was the only one who managed to get my luggage by the time I reached Moscow. Those who departed from Milan with me reached Moscow without their luggage with them.


And this is my advice, next time when choosing the transit flight. Please make sure that you have at least 2 hours or more of transit time. if not, please pray that the plane reach without any delay…

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4 Responses to I’m back again to Russia…

  1. efenem says:

    Why not abandon the transit flight, pay a little bit more for a direct flight so that you can enjoy your birthday, spend quality time with your beloved and your travel has no worries 🙂

  2. banchun says:

    haha,a nice b’day present.
    but 1 day of worst day change with 9 days of wonderful days with ur beloved r worth d,right?

  3. Jen S. says:

    Sometimes its better to forget the little bad experiences, and remeber only those memorable. Every rose has a spine!

  4. limshouzhi says:

    Thx for sharing my experience with me,hehe…I’m so glad and ofcoz, I will forget abt it and juz remember only those memorable. Actually this consider as one of the memorable event too…

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