Italy… Intercity Traveling

Italy… Intercity Traveling

My winter trip continues……And this time, Florence





We took the earliest train from Milan to Florence, after 2 days traveling in Milan… There are 2 kinds of trains. One is intercity, means that the train will stop at every city to pick and drop the passengers, it cost 24euros and it took 3 hours to reach Florence. And the other type is express, direct from Milan to Florence and will cost you 37euro and you will reach within 2 hours. We took the intercity one to save our budget.




Traveling Italy by trains was so much fun! It was fast, punctual, comfortable and nice! Although it’s mentioned in the travel’s book that we might able to travel by bus, there’s hardly any bus station in sight. In fact the tourist hotspots are mostly accessible by train.


There are certain procedures that you must do before you board on the train. The 1st thing to do is verify your ticket, remember that the ticket you bought at the counter is not yet verified! There will be a yellow box available at every platform before you board. Punch your ticket to verify it! If not, your ticket is not valid and if caught by the conductor, I don’t know what will happen, hehe, I heard the penalty is very high and nobody would dare to risk it… Second is to board the train as early as possible, in order for you to get a seat. If not, you have to stand along your journey… (Reservations for the seats costs you 3 euro, and most of them are not willing to pay for it)







Intercity traveling by train is fun, although I do not have time to travel every city in Italy, but with intercity train, it will stop at every main station and I managed to experience some of the local’s livelihood and also some picturesque view along my journey.




For passenger convenience, the seats are equipped with electrical plugs for lap-tops or electrical appliances. Minibars are also available on the trains. The environment is so tranquil and comfortable for every traveler. It makes you feels like home. ( Just pray hard that you will not get to sit with any Italian, want to know why? From my previous experiences, I traveled from Milan to Florence along with 4 middle-aged Italians in the same wagon, they never stop talking! They kept talking for 3 hours in that journey… Oh my gosh! Me and Xiang Yun couldn’t get any rest on that trip. And I met the same situation when we traveled from Florence to Venice!)





There are two train stations in Florence, one is Rifredi, and most of the intercity trains will stop at this station. And from this train station, get another train for free to Santa Maria Novella train station which is the final destination, it takes about 3 minutes to reach…..


Santa Maria Novella… This is the main gateway for you to explore the rest of Florence… Where it traced back to the raise of the Renaissance!







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8 Responses to Italy… Intercity Traveling

  1. Bee says:

    It’s very nice time..
    It would be great, if I have only one time to be in ITALY..
    Thank you for useful info…

  2. efenem says:

    shouzhi is always interesting 🙂

  3. i E j A says:

    miss italy la uncle…huhu…although dah pernah pegi…but still wana go lagi…

  4. i E j A says:

    owh..masa i naik train from Rome to Venice pun very nice…mcm aeroplane kan d trains? very fast some more..lepak tgk anime je on d train..ehehheeh

  5. limshouzhi says:

    Jom, kita balik lagi ke Italy, hehe!!! I pun miss Italy ma, walaupon sana guna Euro, tapi sgt sedap!!!

  6. Florence Italy has to be the most beautiful place in the world. Not only that, but the food is amazing!

  7. Terry C. says:

    Thanks for the complete information. My husband and I are flying into Milan in April and taking a train to Florence. You helped us get oriented since we have only taken a train in Italy on one previous trip.

  8. limshouzhi says:

    You’re welcome! And i hope it really helps you guys up! And enjoy ur trip in Italy…;)

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