Venice, where the fairy tales came alive!

Venice, where the fairy tales came alive!




Venice, this was the final destination where my Italy trip ended! It’s quite hard for me and xiangyun to say goodbye to Venice. Because for so many places we’ve been to, this is the most extraordinary one. This is the place where the fairy tales came alive! Oh… Venice…



Water-girt Venice rises on an archipelago of small islands separated by a dense network of waterways, which were rectified as time passed, noticeably changing the original conformation. Venice lies 4 kilometers from the mainland and 2 kilometers from the open sea.



We took train from Florence to Venice. It took about 2 hours and it cost about 37 Euro. The train was as nice as in the plane. Hehe… The journey was awesome because we saw lots of picturesque scenery on the way to Venice. And while we arrived at the final destination, the train seemed off the shore and went in the middle of the sea which made us feel like we were in the middle of nowhere.



Once you cross the train station, you will discover a new world, Venice!!! This is the world of the fairy tales.


Venice, built on 117 small islands, 150 canals flow through the city center and each and every one will have you grabbing for your camera. While streets can be incessantly busy something will urge you to propel yourself through as many as possible! No public transportation like cars or busses in this unique city, all you can see is water-busses and gondolas. Walking is the

gondola best way for you to explore the whole Venice!


We spent 3 days in Venice and yet we still think that it’s not enough, if we ever have the chance we’re definitely going back there. If you ask me for the recommendation of nice, cheap, and strategic hotel, then I would say it’s San Lio Tourist house! It’s a budget hotel located at the heart of Venice, just 2 minutes from Rialto Bridge, which is the symbol of Venice! Please don’t book the hotels which are cheap but situated far away from the Venice center. In order to get to the island, you’ll need to pay extra 6.50 Euro for the water bus. And you will miss lots of lively-hood on the island!



I said 3 days weren’t enough for us because Venice isn’t a place where you think you will be satisfied after visiting all the places of interest! The environment is amazing! Try to imagine that you will be awaken by the calming bell sound every morning! Let the beautiful melody invigorate your spirits and the morning breeze revitalize your senses… I’ll just call it the natural way of soul healing..



Live like a Venetian, where there’s no car or bus as your public transportation and walking becomes your main transport! How’s your feeling? Walking is a good exercise cause it increases our body physical activities, and it helps keep diseases at bay. Walking in Venice will never get you bored! There’re so much of interesting things awaiting you to explore.



Feel like living behind the masks? Yes! You can do it here, in Venice which is the home of thousands of beautiful, unique, and awesome masks! Try to get one and wear it, how would you feel like when you see the world through the mask? Is it still the same like what you think or you already into the world of fantasy?



Grand Canal, the most romantic scenery ever! After exploring Venice for the whole day, I’m sure you would love to rest on the Rialto Bridge, enjoying the romantic view inspired by the activities on the Grand Canal, the gondolas, the water busses and the people around. And if you are lucky enough, you could even catch the sunset! And you will experience the most beautiful and romantic scenery ever in your life!   


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3 Responses to Venice, where the fairy tales came alive!

  1. i E j A says:

    love st mark’s sq~
    cantik kan the church…when i was there they made this Christmas tree out of
    colorful blown glass…very nice and creative ~

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