I Vote for Earth!

I Vote for Earth!




Hey fellas, it’s 28th of March! It’s time for you to decide whether you want to Vote Earth or Vote Global Warming! If you Vote for Earth, please kindly switch off you light on 830pm until 930 pm according to your local time. And if you Vote for Global warming, please do whatever you want during this period.


Many of my friends were asking me, how they’re going to know whether we switch off the light or not? How they’re going to count the votes?


But in my opinion, this is just a campaign that every one of us should join and support it. Why I said so, because we all are part of this world. And if you think deeper, the earth lends us her valuable assets! We all are just staying here temporarily, and yet you can see how much disaster we caused for the earth!


La Nina, El Nino, tsunami, heavy flood, the ice in artic starting to melt and more…


How many other species suffer from this disaster? And how many of them are going to or already extinct?


I think the polar bear will live on the green land in the future.


I’m staying in Russia now, and from what I saw, the weather has changed a lot if compared to five years ago. The winter arrived 2 months later last year. 1st snow was on the Christmas Eve! Which we thought we were not gonna have a white Christmas again. And the temperature, from my previous experience, the Russian winter can achieve -40 degree, but now the temperature won’t fall below -20 degree.


Take your one-hour rest, watch a movie, listening to the radio or admire the beauty of the sky by having a star gazing will let you have much more fun and you will experience the difference!


1 hour to show our support… Vote Earth!


She has sacrificed a lot for us, now it’s time for us to pay back!

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2 Responses to I Vote for Earth!

  1. nila says:

    isn’t it La Nina? =p

  2. There are El Niño and La Niña, both causing different phenomena =)
    Zhi didn’t even dare to come out to the street to look at the stars, perhaps from the windows of the kitchen =D

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