Sharing… My Moment!

Sharing… My Moment!

For those who are now reading this post! Thanks for sharing with me, actually I wanted to tell you about my latest blog status, and how I feel about it.


I was quite excited when I received a badge from a travel website,, which features 2 of my Italy travel blogs into this website. These 2 are – Pisa, the Square of Miracles and Florence, the rise of Renaissance. Part 1


Honestly I never expected this, and I never even dared to dream about this! And I’m so excited, let’s say it threw me into the seventh heaven!


So, what is Well, I just joined this community yesterday. And I found that this is a very interesting website! It lets you create your own guide book, which enables you to contribute to the world of travel guides. You can share all your travel experiences there! 


For those who want to know more, you can just click on the icon and it will direct you to the main website.


And again, thanks for sharing…





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