…My Blueberry Cheese Cake…

…My Blueberry Cheese Cake…




Cheese cake, so what do you think about it? Well, I’ll be full after taking the 1st slice, hardly giving me the chance to have the second one. That’s my opinion on cheese cake. Hehe, but guess what? I made one myself today!


Last week Junice passed me a slice of her hand-made cheese cake. I tried it and it’s so delicious and nice! Some more there’s less cheesy smell! So, I decided to make myself one according to her recipe.


So, today on the way to class, I asked for Junice’s recipe from Rose. And see… what me and xiangyun have done!


1st of all for sure we need to buy the ingredients. Look what we have bought…




1) President: Cheese (400g), and butter (75g)

2) Gelatin: 20g


3) Yogurt: I put yogurt to get rid of the cheesy smell


4) Can fruits for topping


5) Blueberry jam (if not how to make blueberry cheese cake le?)


6) Biscuits (to make the base)


7) Sugar


Hey, don’t think it’s cheap to make a cheese cake, quite costly also, but wanted to try ma, what to do?


After 5 years staying here, I think I’m a semi-pro chef already, hehe. I know how to make sushi, cook Chinese, Malay, Indian and Thai foods, some more Russian salad and pancake.


And this is my 1st experience into the bakery field. Never in my life had I tried to make any cake before, except once when my sister taught me how to make chocolate cake by just steaming it.




1st of all we needed to mash the biscuits into powder form to make the base of the cake, using blender. But see how we first mashed it! xiangyun use the ‘ stone-age’ equipment to do it!



When we’d done with the base, we poured the butter on top of it in order to make it sticky. So the base was done!




Then we had come to the main part. The cheese cake!


Mix the cheese together with the yogurt, and plus the blueberries into it. Then add sugar. The amount of the sugar is up to you. Put more sugar if you want to make it sweeter. Then blend it with the blender until all the ingredients are equally mixed.




Finally put the gelatin into the mixture. Then pour onto the base. And your blueberry cheesecake is done!




If you want to make it more attractive, put some topping onto it. Then store it in the fridge. And you will have your blueberry cheesecake done within an hour.


Talk is easier than making it. Yup, I have to admit it, but I think we made it. Thanks again to Rose and Junice. By right this is the easiest cake that is suitable for beginner like me. ;P




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2 Responses to …My Blueberry Cheese Cake…

  1. i E j A says:

    uncle…thank u for d cake..hehe..should put more cheese..then oni can call cheesecake…hehe..well..i am a cheese lover..
    haaaaaaa~!! i finally found my long-lost batu tumbuk..
    u have to gimme free photostate for keeping it so long with u~!
    and extra murano glass souvenir..hahahaha.. *evil grin*
    gimme gimme~!! wo yau yong~!

  2. Hi, good post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for sharing. I will certainly be coming back to your site.

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