…Shopping Therapy…

…Shopping Therapy…

When talking about therapy, I’m sure you’ve heard about physiotherapy, chemotherapy, psychotherapy and even fish spa or fish therapy! Well, in these modern days, no doubt there are different kinds of therapies to cure diseases, to regain strength and also to release stress….e.t.c.


How about shopping therapy? Have you heard about it before?

 Honestly I experienced myself yesterday when I went to one of the shopping centers around my area with xiangyun. I wasn’t feeling well by the time I went out. Because of the sudden weather changes, my allergy is back again and I felt very tired and kept having running nose. Sigh!!!

 There were discounts everywhere!!! 70%, 50%, 20%! Maybe due to the economy down turn lately, there are lots of sales, winter sales, spring sales, and more… Can say that there’re never-ending sales all year round!!! Keep tempting consumers’ hearts to spend their money.

 I was lifted up by the prices! And my unwellness seemed to disappear all in a sudden. Seemed to me that there’s a sudden adrenaline boost in my body, my running nose stop, my tired body suddenly fully filled up with energy and I was able to walk throughout the whole shopping center.

 You’ll sure jump into triumph when you saw the price of the item with previously sky high price, now suddenly dropped to the amount you desired or even lesser than that.

 And during that moment, the term ‘Shopping Therapy’ popped up in my mind! It is such a wonderful therapy and suitable for all of us.

 And I decided to find something to share with you guys.


From the Women’s Health Center, it mentioned that:

Shopping Lifts Spirits
Whatever the motivator, shopping, in contrast to buying, lifts our spirits. It makes us feel better about ourselves and our place in the universe. It is a form of therapy. It is good to occasionally reward or affirm yourself with a purchase. Shopping is an easy way to assert self-worth, one of the simplest ways, says Judith Mueller, executive director of the internationally known resource, The Women’s Center in Vienna, Virginia.

And from some other resources, it mentioned that shopping is a therapy to fill up their inner emptiness and to release their stress.

 And this is my own classification for it…

 a) Permanent Shopping therapy

  This is only suitable for those who is rich and can do their shopping all the time.

 b) Seasonal Shopping Therapy

  This category is for those who only do shopping when there’re sales only

 c) Rare type

  Not temptated by any season or any sales. Just do their shopping whenever is necessary.

  I think I’m classified in this category, hehe………..I’m only thrilled by seeing the prices not the buying part

 Since shopping therapy has its pros, it also has its cons…

 According to Wikipedia, the term ‘retail therapy’ was 1st used in 1986,

In 2001, the European Union conducted a study finding that 33% of shoppers surveyed had “high level of addiction to rash or unnecessary consumption’.”  This was causing debt problems for many with the problem being particularly bad in Scottish young people.

Researchers at Melbourne University have advocated its classification as a psychological disorder called oniomania or compulsive shopping disorder.

So, that is my opinion about shopping therapy. If you have anything willing to share, be my guest…


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1 Response to …Shopping Therapy…

  1. wing says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeee…… haha i think i am doing this already, whenever I precall, definitely need to buy something to relieve my stress….

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