…Zhi’s Garden…

Zhi’s Garden…

1st blog of the month! Hehe, what to do, exam season ma…

Just finish the most difficult subject today, Internal Medicine. What a big relieved to me, no more panic attacked, anxiety, insomnia and palpitation and finally I manage to have a nice rest before preparing for another subject, infection diseases.

 And feel like want to write something to share with you guys!

Zhi's Garden 1

 I decided to build my own garden in my blog! Zhi’s Garden… hehe…

 I have been thinking about this about a month ago, that time was still Spring and the flowers were blooming around the area. One day, when I was out with Xiangyun for a walk in the park. While admiring the flowers around, the idea to put a garden in my blog appeared! Since I have collected some of the ‘nice’ pictures of flowers… Why not, just want to share with you guys… But I don’t really know their name, because I just snapped whenever I feel is nice…


My 1st plant in my garden! Dandelion… 

Of course this is just the beginning, and I will try to upload more pictures for the flowers I took to share with… Ciao…

Posing in my Garden

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2 Responses to …Zhi’s Garden…

  1. Christie says:

    How’s exam??? Good Good?? Gambate for the coming k??
    Thanks for ur wishes that day.

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Lol, exam was ok, hehe! Finish 1 liao lor, 1 more to go, u too, gambate o!

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