…The inner world of theirs…

…The inner world of theirs…

Well, when talking about Vincent van Gogh, I think most of you will know that he was one of the greatest painter ever! Some of his paintings are now among the world’s best known, most popular and expensive work of art.

Want to know how I know this huge figure? I ‘met’ him in my psychiatry class… When we’re learning the topic schizophrenia, our professor showed us his painting, ‘The Starry Night!’ which impressed me the most. The impression was so strong and it kept lingering in my mind for few days and I decided to do some research on him.

Van gogh -starry night

I found out that his life was so dramatic and full of tragedies, he ended his own life at the age of 37 by shooting himself in the chest with the revolver. He did not realize that his wound was fatal. And his last word was : “Sadness will last forever!”

These are some of his famous quotes:

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream- Vincent van Gogh

If you hear a voice within you saying, “You are not a painter, by then all way means paint and the voice will silenced- Vincent van Gogh

Diagnoses which have been put forward included schizophrenia, bipolar, syphilis, and poison from the paints he swallowed.


Talking about schizophrenia, according to Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, it means a mental disorder or group of disorders characterized by disturbances in the form and content of thought, mood, in sense of self and relationship to the external world.

And recently I have met some of the patients from our psychiatry hospital and saw some of their paintings. Honestly, in my point of view, I felt that they are the most unfortunate ones. Carrying a so called ‘disease’ with them and can we even say that it will never be cured. And some of them even need to spend the rest of their lives in the psychiatry hospital. What is different from the prisoners is that they are not criminals, but normal people.

We should never call them ‘crazy!’ They are not ‘crazy!’, and it is a big insult to them if you consider them as ‘crazy’. In fact they need more cares than anybody else. It is just because of the mental disorder the patient is having, they can’t control it, or they failed to do so. So we need to put in more effort in helping these unfortunate ones.

1 of my patients was hearing extra voices always. She said that there are 4 people always want to kill her and she always complaints of sleeping disorder. Diagnoses said that she has organic hallucinations, which made her admitted to the psychiatry hospital. Some of them said that she can listen to “God’s” voices, and she will do what “God” asks her to do. And to my surprise, most of the patients are very young, in their 20-30s, facing major depressive disorder, or bipolar, who tried to commit suicide not once, but already few times!

No one knows what is in their inner world! Their inner world always remains mysterious to others.

And these are some of the paintings I managed to capture from the department. What information can you get from it?

Psychiatry 1

Psychiatry 2 Psychiatry 3

Psychiatry 4

In my opinion, there’s no absolute prophylaxis for it, but we must always remain in neutral state, keep our lifestyle healthy, think positively, and always be happy. Sometimes, we will face some ups and downs in our life, it’s normal to be sad, but don’t make your self depressed! And don’t make your mind complicated. Sometimes the ‘short-circuit’ will occur, who knows?

Don’t worry, be happy! Keep you healthy always :p

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16 Responses to …The inner world of theirs…

  1. chinky says:

    i can’t find the name of his paintings

  2. pradip says:

    I have seen the film Hotel Rawnda long ago but I can still remember that it was a fantastic film and an experience for me.Before writting a analitical essay on it I must see it again.

  3. Brenden H says:

    Van Goue is a true artist. My favorite painting is “Starry Night”.

  4. limshouzhi says:

    I really appreciate his work of arts too!

  5. sara england says:

    They are really cool to look at. My favorite is the first one. I love the different colors in it.

  6. sarah says:

    I hate the first one what was the other Sara thinking!!!!! The best one is Starry Night!!!!

  7. sara says:

    The paintings and really cool! I love the first one. The colors together are great!!!!!!!!

  8. limshouzhi says:

    The 1st one? Well, it gives me lots of imaginations… I like the 3rd one, it seems more concrete…hehe!

  9. anshtajn says:

    l, it gives me lots of imaginations… creative wounderful

  10. limshouzhi says:

    Seems like all like the 1st one…;)

  11. tenzin says:

    the paintings of van gogh is outstanding and i like it very much

  12. kadira says:

    i like these piks but why did he had to cut his ear off.

  13. kadira says:

    i like these piks.

  14. Terrie says:

    I love the first one as well. Very strong in emotional thought.

  15. ANIMESH says:


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