A day out in Arzamas…

A day out in Arzamas…

Arzamas 3

After the busy and hectic examination season ended, I finally get to breathe the fresh air outside! Hehe… Since I still have about 5 days before I depart home, I was planning to go to some places interesting and rich of historical background.

 So, I chose Arzamas, a small town which is not far away from Nizhny Novgorod…

Me and Yun

At the bus-stop waiting for the bus to Avtovakzal…

Arzamas, a city in Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Russia, located on the Tyosha River, 410km east from Moscow. Arzamas was founded in 1578 by Ivan the Terrible in the lands populated at the time by the Mordvin people. By 1737 more than 7,000 people lived in Arzamas and the town became a major transit center on the route from Moscow to eastern parts of Russia. It was known for its geese and onions as well as leather crafts.

Arzamas 4

Catherine the Great in 1781 gave Arzamas an official city status and its own coat of arms based on the colors of the Arzamas regiment. In the early 19th century Arzamas had over twenty churches and cathedrals, the foremost being the Resurrection Cathedral. It was built in the Empire style to commemorate the Russian victory over Napoleon in 1812.

Arzamas 6

We took a ‘mashut (van)’ from Avtovakzal Station in Nizhny. It cost us about 200rb per person. The actual price for the ticket is 150rb, but since today is Saturday, and the driver demanded us to pay more. So, what to do…

Me and Yun 1

It took about one and a half hour to reach there. The view along the roadside was superb! Since it is summer here and the land was colored by lush of greenery scene and flowers, making it the most picturesque view ever!

Arzamas 1

1st we reached the train station, which is located about 20 minutes from the center. The head of the locomotive caught our attention at the train station. There was a old man who claimed himself as the driver of the locomotive explained the history of the development of the train to us. He said that it was used for more than 50 years before it was replaced by the newer model.


And we took the local bus to Sabornaya Ploshat (Sabornaya Square) which is located at the main tourist attractions. It cost us another 10rb to reach there. What came to our surprise was the local buses. Lol, I think, back in Malaysia, we already placed them in the museum, but here they’re still using them as the main transportations.

Arzamas 2

 Resurrection Cathedral is the main tourist attraction here. It was built in the Empire style to commemorate the Russian victory over Napoleon in 1812. It is a very beautiful and interesting building. But we were not allowed to take pictures inside the cathedral. And from the mural, we saw some of the fragments of the history about the war of Russian victory over Napoleon in 1812. And the altar is very big and unique. For those who’ve never seen any of the Orthodox Churches in Russia, I think you better visit this. I think it is one of the finest art of work among all the Russian Orthodox churches which I’ve visited.

Arzamas 5

 After the church, we went to other smaller churches around the area. And there are lots of flowers there. And I will post them in Zhi’s Garden, just stay tuned…


 This is a very small town. I think you only need about 2 hours to walk thru the whole town. But I found it interesting to travel around this town. It seems like a very old and classic Russian Town, it gave me the feelings as we were in the early or middle of the 19-th century which gave us a glimpse of the development history of Russian cities.

Arzamas 9

Arzamas, a place where you can find old nostalgic time in modern days!

Xiangyun 1

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12 Responses to A day out in Arzamas…

  1. efenem says:

    nice pictures…
    next time vladimir, yeah?

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Ingat nak pergi ari ini, tapi pocket dah kosong! Nampaknye kena laen kali la pergi! hehe

  3. nina says:

    its very nice to see all this, as im from there myself

  4. limshouzhi says:

    Yup,it’s a very nice town… so beautiful…and i like it very much!

  5. carlo says:

    sorry for my english; fine this blog, good season greetings and good 2010

  6. limshouzhi says:

    Thx Carlo, I hope u enjoy reading it, hehe!

  7. Robert says:

    Great pics and composition. Lovely place, I’m looking to visit sometime this year 2010. What camera did you use ? SLR ?
    I would be surprised if it was a compact…. although one was taken at arm’s length so it could be a compact…
    Would like to know which model though

  8. limshouzhi says:

    Thx, hehe! tat was compact, Panasonic Lumix the time I went there, thx for loving my pictures, will share more nice pictures, hopefully, hehe! But this time, using dslr already, 😉

  9. Anna says:

    Nice pictures..I love that little city call Arzamas! I am from Arzamas and I miss very much there every thing…

  10. limshouzhi says:

    Thx for ur compliment! I like Arzamas too, it is a very nice, tranquil and beautiful town!

  11. juan says:

    Hello, congratulation for you pictures and composition, I would like to visit this town, could you tell how much money I need in Russia for a week and How can I arrive?
    Did you visit art historical museum in Arzamas? because I have a russian friend that she works in this museum.

    Thank you…


  12. limshouzhi says:

    Well, u r not the one who ask me abt the Art Museum,hehe, i’m sorry to tell you that I can’t really locate the museum…
    And thx for ur compliment…

    And abt ur question, I would like to ask, 1)do you need visa to enter Russia? 2) Whr u wan to go? Most tourist will travel Moscow and St petersburg only during their Russia trip, and, if 1 week for both places, i thk for medium budget, 500USD.
    3) Moscow is the gate for u to enter Russia.hehe…

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