…Breakfast in Ipoh… Foh San Dim Sum

…Breakfast in Ipoh… Foh San Dim Sum

Already back to Malaysia for summer holidays for 2 weeks… hehe! My schedule was full with foods! Everyday, I was bring by my family, cousins, or friends to different places just to eat…

Why le? Coz they said I’m too skinny!!! Oi, what to do le…1 year in Russia, I have to cook myself, and not much varieties of food to eat ma, some more having some stress in study, how can I gain weight ? So, guess what? My mission this summer is to put on my weight… If can, let it be 10kg!

Forest of MalaysiaOn the way to Ipoh…

For many years I’ve been overseas, it is an undeniable fact that Malaysian’s food is the best in the world! I love Malaysian’s Food!

So, this time I was brought to Ipoh! Just for Dim Sum…

Ipoh...The Hill City

Ipoh, The Hill City! The pioneer in tin-mining industries in 1820s… Which is now become the heart of Perak is famous for its local products for many years… Such as Ipoh White Coffee,  ‘Touge’ Chicken, salted chicken, pomelo, and not to forget Dim Sum which attracts visitors for various places. Like us, we purposely wake up early in the morning just to eat Dim Sum in Ipoh…

5.30am… Wake up from my bed… Oh My God… The earliest since 2 weeks… What to do? Want to taste the dim sum ma…

Wake up early in the morning...Because for the search of the best dim sum, this is what time we wake up…

Our journey begin...

6.00am… We went to meet our cousins in their house, about 10 minutes from my house. There were 6 of us in this trip to Ipoh… Just to eat the Dim Sum and then again back to Parit Buntar. Eh, it’s sooooooooooo worth! Although we just went there just for breakfast, but we will never forget it… It’s so delicious and I’m sure I will be back to Ipoh again just to eat the Dim Sum…


Ipoh town

We reached Ipoh at 8 am and 8.30am by the time we reached the restaurant. It is located in what they called Dim Sum Street, where there’s 2 other Dim Sum restaurant along in the same street.

We went to Foh San Restaurant, it is the most famous Dim Sum Restaurant according to the locals… And this was what happened in there.

Dim Sum StreetThere are 3 restaurants along the streets for dim sum. So locals called it Dim Sum Street, and we went to one of  the famous one, Foh San Restaurant.

My sis, cousin and mother.This is the entrance of the restaurant. See, it’s a double storey building which consisted about 4-5 shop houses. Ei, please imagine how big is it. Just for selling dim sum le.

People mountain people sea

It’s 8.30am, Friday. See, how many of them already there just for the dim sum. We have to wait for about 20minutes only can get a place to sit.

Moments to share

My moments...

My sis... having egg tartSee, my sis… Enjoying her egg tart…

And these are some of the dim sums..

Char Siew Pau

Ipoh yong taufu


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7 Responses to …Breakfast in Ipoh… Foh San Dim Sum

  1. Another colored-spectacles of yours……Wakaka, better than the yellow one though~~~
    But somebody until now didn’t even say “Hi” to me~

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Just change the color nia… hehe! Hi! hw r u over there? I’m fine here… And wish u enjoy ur trip later then…

  3. Joe (Gooi Choon Theng) says:

    The dim sums were looked like delicious, but why i din see u accompany me go to there before since you studied at Heng Ee. Stringy lo? where is my birthday photo? Anyway i am so happy to have you as my friend.

  4. limshouzhi says:

    That was my 1st time also ma… next time i will bring u thr…hehe!

  5. Enqvist says:

    everyone stop for dim sum in Ipoh, foh san really serving great dim sum

  6. limshouzhi says:

    Agree!!! Everyone like dim sum in Ipoh!…hehe

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