Movies Vs Opera…

transformers2.jpgMovies Vs Opera…

Chinese Opera

When comes to movies and opera, which one do you prefer? I’m sure most of us prefer movies… Why? It’s the modern trends, more actions, handsome actors, beautiful and sexy actresses, romantic and unforgettable story line, fantasies and more…

But have you ever tried Chinese Opera? Trust me, when you try to experience it once, you will fall in love with it… It’s the essence of Chinese’s Art.

The Stage

I was accompanied my mother for an opera show which showed  in our village, Kampung Baru Bagan Samak tonight, and after I watched it, I found that it was interesting and fun, can’t wait to watch it again.

For years I’ve been studied overseas and out of touch with Chinese Opera stuffs, and when I watched it, I enjoyed the show very much. It seems like a valuable treasure that well preserved by the young generations.


Of course it’s not a new thing for us. 1st played in the Three Kingdoms Period and it continues until the modern days.  Thousands year of journey, and yet… it stood still… When its journey will end? = unknown…

It’s a show, usually played in the temple where there are any celebrations like the Birthday of the God or Hungry Ghost Festival. And it’s like a story teller which tells us about some of the most interesting stories in our Chinese literatures.

The Celebration

The opera performed in different dialects, like TeoChew, Hokkien, Hakka and more…

Few years back when I heard of there’s a Chinese opera around. For sure, I just stopped by to get some snacks and then heading home because I can’t understand what the performers were talking about…..

But now, there’s electronic board which shows the subtitles, and we can understand it. It solved our problems in understanding. So even you can’t understand Chinese, at least we know how to translate it into other languages to tell you……

The electronic board

Honestly, I enjoyed it well. Not because I’m ‘uncle’, because it tells my origins, my culture and my heritage……And I would like to bring it and share with you… For those who interested in it, I invite you to try it … Once, at least…It brings no harm to you, and you will experience some fantasies …

The Performance

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3 Responses to Movies Vs Opera…

  1. ju says:

    wow, my mom loves teo cheow dialects opera very very very much!!! i like the costume~~ cos “blink blink”

  2. ju says:

    my mom loves teo chew dialect opera very very very much…but i dono wat they all sing about . pai seh lah~~i like their costume cos all of them r blink blink~~~~

  3. limshouzhi says:

    Now got subtitle d…hehe…next time u can try again…

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