Zhi is back…Zhi’s Footprint… 志的足迹…

Zhi is back…Zhi’s Footprint… 志的足迹…

Pantai Cahaya Bulan

Hihi, I’m back! Your favorite blogger finally is back to bring you more exciting, interesting and unforgettable adventures! Hehe…  Want to know where I’ve been to within this period? I’m not disappeared from this world, but I just went to some places where I can’t get connected with my blog. So, I have to leave it for a month before I can bring more stories to share…

Crystal Mosque

Well, this is my 1st blog after the trip! Wanted to know where I’ve been?

My summer 09 trip started on 17th of July, I went to east-coast of Malaysia with Yun’s family…Kelantan, Terengganu,Pahang and Malacca. We spent a week there! Then I headed to China, to visit my father who is working over there for another 3 weeks with my family…  And I just landed to motherland (Malaysia) this afternoon.


Tired, exhausted but all the trips were full with fun! I enjoyed all of them and I gained lots of new perspectives and new experiences thru these trips! And some of them really change my way of thinking in my  life.

I went to east-coast once in 1998, it was already 11 years ago which can be categorized as ‘once upon a time’ already. And the trip to east-coast this time really gave me a brand new view-point on it. The road is new and comfortable to drive, more and more resorts are spring up like bamboo shoots after the rain, they are Belum Rain Forest Resort and Tasik Pergau Resort Center along the west-east highway.

The tourists spot in the states are all well developed, four languages signboard (Malaysia, Chinese, Indian and English) clearly indicating the tourist spots are well depicted. Great job have been done by our Ministry of Tourism of Malaysia. City maps are easily available and the tourist information centers are located in very strategic places and easy to notice.

If compare with east coast of Malaysia 11 years ago (during my 1st trip here), east coast is more fall behind west coast of  Malaysia. But now, it seems that it’s just the same between the two sides.


My trip then continued with 3 more weeks in China.

Me@Ling Guang Temple

I’ve been to Hong Kong and Macau before. And this is the 1st time I stepped in the mainland of China. We travelled via AirAsia to Macau. We then take a bus from Macau to MeiZhou(梅州), to visit my father who is working there. And then we continued our journey from MeiZhou to ZhangZhou(漳州), Xiamen(厦门), Gu Lang Yu(鼓浪屿) and Nanjing Tulou(南靖土楼). And not to forget to tell that I’ve back to ChaoZhou(潮州)! The place where my origin came from, and we had a gathering with them.

Nan Shan Temple

During the trips, we experienced some of the most exciting and some of the worst. The plane we took to Macau on the 1st day of the trip had an emergency landing back to Penang 30minutes after it took off. According to the captain, the birds been crashed into the engine and we had to take a ‘rescue plane’ to Macau after 4 hours stranded in the airport. And I’ve experienced 2 of the typhoon which landed on Taiwan and Fujian’s Region, Goni and Morakot. Not a pleasant experience, but these were what I’ve got throughout the trip.

Hua Er Lou

And some of the nice places which I will share with you guys in my later post.

Gu Lang Yu

Lots of stories I wanted to share with you guys about both of the journeys, the foods, the cultures, and some of the stories from the inner most of their heart. And of course not to forget, Zhi’s Adventures!!!!! (That’s the most important part!).

Nanjing Tulou

If you are not bored with my broken English, stay tuned with me and I will bring more interesting stories to share.


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