Kemaman Café… Hai Peng Kopitiam…海滨茶店…

Kemaman Café… Hai Peng Kopitiam…

Hai Peng KopitiamThere is nothing special from the outlook, but once you step into the shop, you will know how nostalgic it is…

Well, café or Kopitiam seems to be the most popular trend of operating business in Malaysia nowadays. Beside mamak stalls, some of the kopitiams for example, Old Town has become one of Malaysians’ favorite spots to spend their leisure time. And for your information, you can only find this kind of classic kopitiams in Malaysia!

Hai PengAfter finished your breakfast, don’t forget to buy some coffee as a souvenirs…

What‘s so special about these kopitiams? That’s a good question! It is no different with the café from the western countries, but they are run in Malaysian style. It is furnished with old fashion along with society’s obsession with nostalgia and increasing affluence has led to the revival of these coffee shops. The new kopitiams are fast-food outlets which are reminiscence of the old kopitiams in terms of decor, but are usually built in a more modern, hygienic setting such as a shopping mall rather than in the traditional shophouse, catering mainly for young adults.

Hai Peng Kopitiam, interior...While enjoying the food, you still can enjoying the environment around! Isn’t it classic enough?

This has come after the creation of so-called “coffee culture” by western coffee chains such as Starbucks and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. The kopitiams offer variable alternatives which could be experienced with local flavor for a more affordable price.

So, what I wanted to share with you is this kopitiam, Hai Peng Kopitiam! It is located at Kemaman, a town which is located between Kuala Terengganu and Kuantan. That was my 1st visit to that kopitiam during my east-coast trip, and yet it left me a lot of sweet memories. For those who are interested in visiting this unique coffee shop, it is easy to spot as it is located at the main street of Kemaman. Even the famous Chinese television program, 阿贤人情味has also been here before to promote it.

Local delicaciesLocal delicacies, too but coz I really don’t know what are they…

Although the kopitiam’s owner is a Chinese, but all the foods here are halal, as majority of the locals are muslims. You better get there as early as possible as it is always  packed with people.

Hai Peng coffee


位于丁嘉楼的甘马挽, 这是一间让人流连忘返的咖啡店… 踏入店里的那一刻, 仿佛可以让你抛开世间的烦恼, 全情投入那丰厚的咖啡香气, 就是这一杯咖啡, 让你体验到人, 是这世界上最幸福的!

Interior of the kopitiam

这个夏天, 我随湘音家人到了东海岸一游, 其中路经甘马挽, 探望在这生根湘音的大伯. 在这样的机缘之下, 我来到了海滨茶店, 改变了我对咖啡的观点… 就是这杯咖啡, 还让我能够有溢齿留香的感觉!

wooden horse

茶店的外表看起来并不是很出色. 但是, 从你踏入店里的那一刻起, 不少以往的记忆不断地在你的脑海里涌了出来. 店里的咖啡香味一阵阵地扑鼻而来. 收银抬上的木马, 不断让我想起小时候常闹着父亲拌我玩的儿时游戏. 店里的设计, 让你可以回顾传统咖啡店的特色. 当中还穿插了不少古董, 让整间咖啡店的气氛顿时浓厚了起来.  欣赏美味的早点当儿还可一览整间咖啡店的特色, 和乐不为啊!

咖啡店的正中央摆放了两张大桌子, 上面放满了琳琅满目的到地早点. 真叫人看了目不转睛. 很可惜我不懂它们的名字, 唯有拍些照片和你们分享了. 由于甘马挽是回教徒居多, 这里的食物都是(HALAL) 的.

Local delicacies

曾几何时, 阿贤人情味, 还到过这里呢!

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2 Responses to Kemaman Café… Hai Peng Kopitiam…海滨茶店…

  1. Junice says:

    Yes,this coffee shop is indeed very famous. Food bloggers do blog about.Do you happen to know the direction to get there? Ahem…first time reading your blog and found something i like. Well done indeed! Kudos to you!

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Hihi Junice… hehe! It’s Yun’s uncle who brought us there… because we went to visit him in Kemaman, and he said we must try this kopitiam before leaving Kemaman… hehe!

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