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Another Crisis…

Another Crisis… Well, as you know, life as overseas student can never be as easy as back in our motherland… This is because in order to study, we need to solve every challenge in our life in order to survive, … Continue reading

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…The Power of Will…求学的意志…

…The Power of Will…求学的意志… I found this picture accidentally in my photo album from my trip to China, and ‘she’ reminds me of that day… It was a hot summer afternoon, about 40°C… We met this pity girl while doing … Continue reading

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…秋天的童话… “奇迹篇!” Autumn, 09… Nizhny Novgorod

…秋天的童话… “奇迹篇!” 这, 是接上一篇… 秋天的童话的续篇… Autumn, 09… Nizhny Novgorod After continuous rainy days which last for 4 days, finally there comes sunny day… And we managed to make a long awaited Autumn Photo Session… And these are some pictures I … Continue reading

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…秋天的童话… 俄罗斯的最后一个秋天 我说啊! 老天, 你真的很会和我们这些凡人开玩笑哦! 天气说变就变, 根本就没有预知一下嘛! 上个星期原本计划和组员一起去拍一册 “秋天的童话” 的毕业照嘛! 星期五已经计划好了星期六一早就出发, 誓必要把秋天的景色一一地照下来, 以便可以作为纪念嘛… 万事具备, 只欠东风, 所谓的 ‘风’ 就是你咯! 我的天啊! 星期五风和日丽, 凉风习习, 想必明天 ‘星期六’ 必定是个好日子吧! 因为在这之前, 天气就一直没有好过, 不是刮风下雨, 就是乌云盖顶, 难得星期五看到了那唯一的曙光! 还以为老天会给我梦想成真… 唉! 星期五晚上真叫人彻夜难眠啊! 一直盼望着星期六的那么这一天! 期望越高, 失望越大嘛! 就在那呼呼入睡的那刻! 窗外传来了 “滴滴, 搭搭” 的声音, … Continue reading

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Zhi’s Travel Guides and Tips!

Zhi’s Travel Guide on How to Plan your Trip… Well, a memorable trip require a proper preparation, no matter how much or how far the destination you go,  pre-travel planning is a very important step to determine the success of … Continue reading

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Autumn…09, Nizhny Novgorod…

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Jing-Si Books and Café…静思书轩

Jing-Si Books and Café   静思书轩 Well, after the previous post about Hai Peng Kopitiam in Kemaman, which showed you guys how nostalgic and the mouth-watering locals delicacies are they in the shop. This post, again I’m gonna introduce to you … Continue reading

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Special Dim Sum…Balut/毛鸡

Special Dim Sum…Balut/毛鸡 Believe it or not, this is what I met in my China trip, this time was in Fujian… I met this special so called ‘dim sum’ while I was having my dinner along the riverbank in Zhang … Continue reading

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Goats fight!

Goats fight! Well, I’m sure that many of you have been heard about cat fight, dog fight, roster fight or even fish fight! But, have you ever heard or saw goat fight? Well, this is what I going to show … Continue reading

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