Jing-Si Books and Café…静思书轩

Jing-Si Books and Café   静思书轩

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Well, after the previous post about Hai Peng Kopitiam in Kemaman, which showed you guys how nostalgic and the mouth-watering locals delicacies are they in the shop. This post, again I’m gonna introduce to you guys another great café, Jing-Si Books and Café静思书轩.

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Jing-Si Books and Café, I’m sure you will fall in love with this café as it is one of the best ever cafe you can find in Penang!

This cafe is located in the heart of George Town, Penang, which was being listed under UNESCO World Heritage in 2008. It is located in Beach Street, which is just behind the jetty, a very ideal location for those who search for peaceful and tranquility environment in the middle of hustle and bustle of the city.

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Since it is located at the heart of the heritage site, it is easily accessible by walking from some of the famous local spots like Kuan Im Temple, Khoo Kongsi or Little India. A trishaw ride can also get you there if you don’t want to walk!

The cafe is run by a Buddhist society, but it is open to all of you who wish to have a drink or to do some reading. It is divided into 2 parts, one is to display all the books and the other is served as a café. You can bring your favorite book or magazine to read while enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee or tea.

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A little bamboo garden which is at the corner of the café makes this café more attractive! This is the best moment where you can totally rest you minds while having a cup of coffee or tea to clam your soul.

A little story of mine to share…

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The reason why I like this café so much is because it reminds me about my secondary school life here in Penang. Years 2001-2003 were the toughest period of my whole life, because I was having my Malaysia Higher School Certificate (STPM), it is said the 2nd hardest exam in the world! And during that moment, I was away from home because the school I went to was an hour away from my house, so I had to rent a small room in Penang.

Jing-Si Interior.psd

The condition of the apartment wasn’t really good during that time because my housemate wasn’t a really considerate person, he rented the living hall to all-time tuition center, and played loud music in the evening. It was quite hard for me to prepare my exam in this condition. Luckily my friend introduced this café to me, so I’ve studied there all the time, and it accompanied me through all ups and downs during those years. Thank you so much! Jing-Si Books and Café… You mean a lot to me…!

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You leave a lot of vivid memories to me, the time I spent with my friends, discussing our studies, and even drinking the great tea prepared by you. This is one of my most important moments that will never ever be erased from my memories!

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别了六年了, 这个夏天, 缘分让我们再次的相遇… 那种种的回忆在脑袋中不断的涌现出来…

你, 出现在我人身中最决定性的那刻, 陪伴我度过了我那段最刻骨铭心的日子. 可为是 “ 一起吃苦的幸福吧.” 在槟城的那段日子, 是我一生中最不可能会忘记的回忆.

Interior decoration....psd

你, 是见证我那两年离乡背井一个人去追求自己梦想最好的知己. 遇到烦恼时, 你是我最佳的倾诉对象. 在你身边, 我几乎都会忘了所有烦恼, 只会一直不断地追求我自己的理想.

你, 让我成长了许多, 教会了我待人处事, 一分耕耘, 一分收获的道理.

其实, 早在这之前, 你就已经开始与我接触, 只是那时我可能还没察觉到吧!

Tea of Jing-Si Books and Cafe.psd

那天, 是我领取SPM,高中考试文凭成绩, 也是我人生的第一个挫折. 萧老师提给我这样的一张静思小语: 能受天磨方铁汉, 不遭人嫉是庸才. 也许, 可说是它, 改变了我吧!

老朋友, 那天的重逢, 可说是我六年来最期待与盼望的.

你, 比从前更显得有魅力, 真是值得让人忘忧, 流连忘返的地方啊!

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9 Responses to Jing-Si Books and Café…静思书轩

  1. pearlpxn1211 says:

    i have been there before…
    beautiful and comfortable o..

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Indeed it a very nice for us…hehe! I really love this place… It really can clam myself there…

  3. Joyce L. says:

    Hi, it was my 1st time come to stay at Penang. I am finding such a nice place like Jing-Si Book and Cafe in Penang.

    May you provide me where is it located and daily time to operate?

    Thanks & regards,
    Joyce L.

  4. limshouzhi says:

    Hi Joyce L, it is located along the Beach Street,and it is near the jetty. It is just separated by a street within the jetty and the cafe where you can see a lots of banks along the street. And Jing-Si Book and Cafe are just opposite one of those bank, and I think there’s also another bank just beside it.I really hope you can find it and I hope you enjoy ur time there. The address is :31, Beach Street, 10300 Penang, Malaysia. Tel-604-2616561

  5. Shwan says:


  6. limshouzhi says:

    十年了!!!哗, 时间真的过得好快, 我在槟城的那两年可说一个星期会去三四次…非常喜欢那里…

  7. I have to admit the decor is very very authentic and nice indeed.

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