Zhi’s Travel Guides and Tips!

Zhi’s Travel Guide on How to Plan your Trip…

Me and Yun@ Prague

Well, a memorable trip require a proper preparation, no matter how much or how far the destination you go,  pre-travel planning is a very important step to determine the success of your trip!

This is about sharing my experience with my readers, for those who do not agree with it, you can ignore this blog.

A pre-travel planning is important because you have to make sure you:

1)      Made the right decision on the destination you chose.

 2)      Achieve what you want to get for example experiences from your trip.  In short it is to achieve your aim for this trip.

 3)      Smart travel, which means travel and enjoy yourself as much as possible at the lowest cost.

 4)       Understand the condition of the destination you head to, the weather during the time you travel, their customs , their taboos so that you are ready for what you will be facing.Me and family @ Lake Toba

A well planned travel will makes you feel memorable and you will feel like want to travel again… 

All these above seem like a simulation for you before your trip and also, it is the most important key to determine whether your trip will be successful or not.

So, how to plan your trip? These are some points which I think it might be useful for you before you start your journey.

1)      Budget

MoneyHappinessBudjet or money! The most important factor!

To me, budget is the most important factor, it determines  most of my travel. In other words, travel according to your affordability. Don’t go somewhere where you can only afford some parts of the journey, it will only destroy your expectation on the trip. For example, if you can barely afford for the basic requirement for the trip like stay and meal, it would be difficult to have some spare money on other things such as entrance tickets for something which you think is worth to pay a visit!

Me@Florence,ItalyThis is what gonna be happen if we out of budjet, taking the photo just standing outside the entrance!

 2)      Travelers Guide/Books

 Travelling is about learning… exploring the different history, culture and religion… It will give you the opportunity to mix with the locals and experience to be one of them.

 The most important point why you must get a travel guide before your trip is to access and comprehend the condition of the destination where you are heading. And the most important part is to get to know the roots, background and progressive development of the destination.

 Doesn’t it make your travel more interesting, by understanding what you are visiting or watching compared to those who doesn’t know what and why they are looking at?

Me@ CairoLook thru every single detail which available in the travel guides so that you can get something we can’t get else where.

 Blind visiting makes your trip dull and monotonous, and you will end up learning nothing but just wasting your time and money.

 And another benefit of having a travel guide is it will enable you to familiarize the destination.

 These are some travel guide which I recommend … (Which I think are the most informative)

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide

 DK Eyewitness Travel Guides– The reason why I love this travel guide is because it is well illustrated with lots of beautiful pictures, it won’t make you feel dull or monotonous while reading it. And, I’m kind of lazy at reading , so it is very suitable for me.

 Lonely Planet– A guide which contain lots of complete description on every destination and all the geographical features. They have a compilation of every single detail which other guides don’t provide.


 Wikitravel– Straight forward and easy to understand

 3)      Choosing your destinations

 After you have decided to go to travel, you next step is to choose a destination which suites you the most. What I mean is choose the destination based your will and the activities available. Which are the places you like to travel the most and why? 

 If you are not familiar with the destination you are going, please refer to your travel guide to find out whether it is suitable for you or not.


Choose wisely between shopping trip? or Sight-seeing or both? or other else, in order to make your travel interesting!

 Choosing the destination is a very important aspect because some of them blindly choose their destination without knowing whether it is suitable for them or not. Some of them who wish to have a sight-seeing end-up with a shopping trip or those who wish to have a shopping trip ended up finding themselves admist the artifacts and monuments?

Hokkien's Tulou.psdErr……Shopping in the middle of the mountain? Of course, this kind of travel just suitable for those nature’s lovers!

 An example from my previous travel experience, my friends who followed me on my trip regretted following me on travel. This is because there wasn’t much shopping according to my initial plan compared with sight-seeing, and they wished to shop instead of sight-seeing.

 4)      Not to mention that if you go travelling with your friend, make sure that you stick with those of whom having the same interest.

Me and King @ GizaMy trip with Kok King in Eygpt was full of fun! We enjoyed it so much!

 5)      Book everything before departure…

 How? Of course…  the internet!!!

Travelling nowadays is so convenient compared with the old times… This is because we can do everything thru internet prior to departure. This is a very important step because it will ensure that everything is well planned so that you do not need to worry upon your arrival on the destination!

And these are some useful website that I think is good to share…

Looking for cheap air tickets? (The lists below are the airlines which I know from my previous travel experiences)

For Asia Pacific Region…


AirAsia (Highly Recommended because thru my previous travel experience, it offers cheap air ticket and high quality services, and the route coverage by this airline is very wide in Asia Pacific region)


For Europe…


FlyNiki, a co-op with AirBerlin



Looking for your accommodation?

HosteWorld ( The most reliable online booking for hotel and hostel according to my opinion)

CairoHostel Desert Safari which we booked thru HostelWorld offered us the best accoodation ever in Eygpt!


Well, after you’ve managed all these steps above, I think you are ready for your trip! Enjoy your trip then, and remember!

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos and…… entrance tickets, receipt etc as your souvenirs! Be an eco-traveler!

My souvenirs!These are what I got from my previous travels!

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  1. pearlpxn1211 says:

    good…i like it so much…
    i want 2 learn…^^

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Sure you can to learn! hehe… and I will share everything I hv with you…hehe… Finish exam d? seems like ur enjoying now! Enjoy ya…

  3. limshouzhi says:

    You’re welcome and i hope it really can help you! >.<

  4. Travel portals offer real time weather forecast and information for different locations. They provide information about the weather conditions along with the minimum and maximum temperatures. It proves to be very useful for travelers.

  5. limshouzhi says:

    Yup, weather is a very important factor for consideration before you head for your travel! make sure you check the local weather everytime before you go ya! It will help you in choosing the right costumes for your travel!

  6. Max plex says:

    yess…thiss nice…

  7. limshouzhi says:


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