Another Crisis…

Another Crisis…

Well, as you know, life as overseas student can never be as easy as back in our motherland… This is because in order to study, we need to solve every challenge in our life in order to survive, from our daily routines to facing the external threats like hooligans, skinheads and etc… (Don’t think that we are so happy enjoying our life here ya)

A little story to share…

And this is what happened to us recently, our ATM cards, especially BSN, failed to withdraw money from the ATM machine. For the beginning we thought it was normal because it happened sometimes within a month due to some technical problems according to them from Malaysia, and this phenomenon happened for quite some months….

Another Crisis 1.psd

Until these two weeks, during the end of the month, the time we became broke, and the time we essentially need the money!!! We can’t withdraw money from the ATM machine, at 1st we thought it was normal like what we experienced before, but after trying for 2 weeks, we decided to ask our parents to call up the bank and ask for the reasons why we can’t withdraw the money!

Guess what is the reply from the bank?

Due to the high fraud cases  recently, the bank decided to stop all the international transactions from now!!!For those who wish to activate the international transactions are required to reactivate the card from the bank!

Yea! Thanks for that great news. How can we who study overseas go back to Malaysia just to reactivate the card? Why didn’t they implement this while we were in Malaysia 2 months ago during summer holidays?

So, how to solve this issue? Yea, the bank asked us to fill in the form from the official website, and then resend back to them. How? I also don’t know, I’m still trying, anyone who already succeeded, please let me know ya.

I don’t know about condition for other bank, but I’m sure for those BSN ATM Card holders, you must fulfill the requirement above before you can withdraw the money…

For BSN users, you may try on this website:, you can see there is a ‘Borang-borang Column’ on the main menu on the left side, click on it and you will see the form.

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2 Responses to Another Crisis…

  1. Auntie Jo says:

    Hi Zhi,
    Hv just talked to BSN KL & I will send u the form which the officer-in-charge will forward to me soon.
    All u hv to do is to detach the form to your desktop first, by any means, may be Imaging etc…and after filling in…send back as attachment to the email address of the officer. No signature is required. Do c.c. a copy to my email address for follow-up. The said form is for the purpose of card activation. Let me hv yr email address otherwise I shall forward to Yun to redirect to you, ok. It will take abt 1 week for processing/activation. Good Luck!!

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Thx auntie, hehe! will do it asap…and we shall wait for it!

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