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Once upon a time …Part one…

Once upon a time …Part one… I was too bored with my current situation under quarantine due to the influenza epidemic around my area. H1N1, yea, thanks to you, I got 1 week of holidays, all classes canceled to prevent … Continue reading

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潮州, 我回来了… (下) ChaoZhou, I’m Back! (End)

潮州, 我回来了! (下) 这, 是上一篇的完结篇… 潮州市的一些画面… 当然, 参观完开元寺后, 我们不可能就此告别吧! 表舅带我们去探望家中健在最大的长辈! 其实, 我也不懂怎样称呼她, 应该是我的老表舅母吧! 今年她已经整九十岁咯, 虽然她双眼的视觉已经不好了, 但是她老人家还很健康和清醒, 听到我们到访, 非常高兴, 还常提起半个世纪前的故事给我们听. 可惜的是, 除了她之外, 剩的都已经不在人间了, 想再一步追查更多家族的背景就妄想啦! 告诉你们啊! 虽说我是潮州人, 在大马讲的潮州话还算不赖. 但是, 来到潮州, 才知道我的潮州话和这里的有着天渊之别的出入! 别说讲, 就连听都成问题! 告别了老表舅母, 表舅就带我们回去他的家, 他说, 表舅母已经在家等我们了, 还说呀! 她煮了非常特别的传统潮州食物给我们. 猜猜看, 她煮了些什么?  对, … Continue reading

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潮州, 我回来了…(上), ChaoZhou, I’m Back!

潮州, 我回来了…(上),ChaoZhou, I’m back… A story, to share with all of you, this is it!  The long awaited reunion… with my relatives, who are far apart in China, this is the story where I met my relatives who are live … Continue reading

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The Most Authentic Hakka’s Cuisines, Part ( II )

The Most Authentic Hakka’s Cuisines, Part ( II ) Well, like what I said from the previous post, now let’s me introducing you more about the Hakka’s Cuisines that I’ve tried in Mei Zhou… After introducing Wan Qiu Lou from … Continue reading

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Prague, here I come again!!!

Prague, here I come again!!! They say, once you touch this statue,St Jan Nepomucky, you’ll most probably return to Prague again! How do you think about it? Well, I’m doubted it when I first heard about it, but still, I did … Continue reading

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The most authentic Hakka’s Cuisines! 最正宗的客家菜…

The most authentic Hakka’s Cuisines!  最正宗的客家菜… When it comes to food, I think most of us will sure wonder about the origins, from where and since when it became the local delicacies, and most of us will sure go for … Continue reading

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Chicken Chop ala-Malay-Chinese…

Chicken Chop ala-Malay-Chinese… I was planning to dine out with Xiangyun in conjunction with the Day of People’s Unity celebration yesterday. Because I was too lazy to cook! Hehe… We even planned which nice restaurant we would go to already… … Continue reading

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Minin and Pozharsky

Minin and Pozharsky Well, this is maybe another way to introduce Nizhny Novgorod, the place currently where I am to pursuing my final year of my medical degree to all of you. For your acknowledgement, Nizhny Novgorod is currently the … Continue reading

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