The most authentic Hakka’s Cuisines! 最正宗的客家菜…

The most authentic Hakka’s Cuisines!  最正宗的客家菜…

When it comes to food, I think most of us will sure wonder about the origins, from where and since when it became the local delicacies, and most of us will sure go for the ‘ most authentic ‘ ones…

Me@Mei Zhou

Now, here I am introducing you the most original Hakka’s delicacies…

Wan Qiu Lou.psd

If you think that I’m bluffing in this blog, then you tell me where else you can get the more original Hakka food than these lo… I was trying all of the Hakka food in Mei Zhou梅州 of China where it is also known as the Capital of Hakka in the World!

Old-time cooking utensils

Oh yea, for those who might be thinking of going to Mei Zhou, China… The restaurant that I wanted to introduce you is this one, Wan Qiu Lou 万秋楼! Where you can try all kinds of Hakka’s delicacies…

Wan Qiu Lou 2.psd


Wan Qiu Lou 万秋楼, previously known as a semi-rounded building围垄屋, (for your information, the Chinese authority is on their way applying these semi-rounded building under list of UNESCO World Heritage site.)It, consists of 72 rooms, once built by a Malaysian and is now owned by a Taiwanese, has become the must- visit tourist spot for everyone who visits Mei Zhou.

Wan Qiu Lou 3.psd

While waiting for the food, you can have a short tour around the restaurant, there are antiques, old-time cooking utensils and pictures displayed. And it is worth going to as this restaurant is designed with fully Hakka’s style…

Wan Qiu Lou 4.psd

Soup Barrel

Soup Barrel, this is how they made the soup!

So, let me introduce you the ORIGINAL Hakka food!

Hakka Lei Cha

But 1st, let me show you this…

This is one of the most famous Hakka delicacies which we used to have in Malaysia, Lei Cha 擂茶… And compare this Lei Cha with what I had in Mei Zhou…

Malaysian Lei Cha

Malaysian Lei Cha

It is totally different kind of Lei Cha, it is like rice plus mixed vegetables with hot vege soup in Malaysia, but what you can see in Mei Zhou is, it is made by whole grains, and it tastes like muesli or oath, and according to the locals, they used to have this for breakfast like what we have our cereal meals. Honestly, I prefer the one I tried in Malaysia, it tastes better and I like the vege soup very much!

Mei Zhou Lei Cha

The 2nd dish which I would like to introduce to you is this, Salt Baked Chicken 盐焗鸡

Salt Baked Chicken

I don’t know how they make in Malaysia, but in China, they soaked the chicken in the salt water 1-2 hours before they bake with salt, I was told that the reason why they do this is to make the meat taste better. 

 Hakka’s Mixed Vegetables

Hakka Mix Vege

This cuisine is quite special if compared with other mixed vegetables. See, it is mixed with big red beans which is rare to be found in Malaysia.

Yam soup!

Yam Soup

This is the 1st time I tried the soup made of yam, and seriously it is very delicious. The yam was shaped like fish-ball and it is boiled until the yam turned soft and with well-preserved original taste of the yam.

Yeong Taufu 酿豆腐

Yeong Taufu

Well, I think this is quite common in Malaysia, as this is also one of the locals’ favorites which attract every food dwellers.

It is made by stuffing the minced meat into the middle part of the taufu and then steaming it.

Fried pumpkin

Fried Pumpkin

It tastes sweet, with minced pumpkin stuffed and fried.

And this is what locals call ‘vege biscuit’, but I don’t really know how to call it, hehe!

Vege Biscuit

Well, this is what I want to share with you, these are what I met in Wan Qiu Lou, which is one of the most famous restaurants for it’s Hakka Cuisines… And in the next blog I will share with you more local delicacies which I tried! Ciao…

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