Prague, here I come again!!!

Prague, here I come again!!!

Me@Charles Bridge

They say, once you touch this statue,St Jan Nepomucky, you’ll most probably return to Prague again! How do you think about it? Well, I’m doubted it when I first heard about it, but still, I did what everyone else did, I touched it!

st jan nepomucky

And believe it or not, I’m going back there again! Prague, for my second time…

In 2006, during the winter holidays, me and my friends travelled to Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria for 12 days. After that trip, Prague is the only place that always lingers on my mind! Wondering when I will travel back there again!

Prague,Astronomical Clock

It feels like I’ve left something very important behind and I will have to get back this time! Yes, I left the most memorable memory there, embedded together with the Charles’s Bridge!

Once you fall in love with Prague, you will never stop recalling you best moment in Prague in you life again! It is a very unique city, the whole city’s just like a lively-castle or fortress, so peaceful and tranquil, bringing you back to the castle-age!

Old Town Square and Tyn Church

Soon you stepped in the heart of Prague, you will feel as if you’re turned into one of the princes or princesses, lingering around in the city! You will wonder how on earth there’s such a magical city when you see the astronomical clock! Taking picture on the Charles’s Bridge with the Castle on top of the hill as your background will make it one of the most precious memories in your life. You won’t be bored while walking along the streets, seeing those buildings in different kinds of architectures!


I miss Prague so much! Feels like I’m going to meet my old-time friend again!

Prague, the city that you will fall in love no matter how many times you go there!

 I just bought my air ticket yesterday thru Airberlin because of the special promotion! 98euro for 2 ways le, from Moscow to Berlin…For this coming winter holiday, I’m going back to Prague again. For those who wish to travel to middle Europe, I think Berlin or Vienna would be you best stopover  before you continue your journey to other countries as there’re cheap airline hubs in both capitals, Airberlin and Niki Airways, and the distance for intercity travelling to other cities are so convenient and short! Like me, I will travel from Berlin to Prague which will only take a few hours if travelling by buses or trains.

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2 Responses to Prague, here I come again!!!

  1. great post, always heard great things about Prague. Hope i’ll go there myself someday.

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Sure you need to g Prague! It’s a must go place for all!hehe…

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