Once upon a time …Part one…

Once upon a time …Part one…

I was too bored with my current situation under quarantine due to the influenza epidemic around my area. H1N1, yea, thanks to you, I got 1 week of holidays, all classes canceled to prevent all students from being infected by this deadly infection that has already taken 26 lives, and 10 more are still under ICU in Nizhny Novgorod region… Besides studying, there’s nothing much I can do in my room, and I received this email from my friend this afternoon… Giving me the inspiration to blog again… For those who were born in 1980s, I think you had the same experiences as mine…

Yea… These are all what we shared in common during our great childhood…

Famous cartoons and animations during my childhood!


“Thunder-thunder-thunder-thunder Cat!” is still lingering in my mind! I remember, every time I watched the series, I would put my cardboard-made knife beside me, waiting to shout together with Lion-O! Haha, if I’m not mistaken with those characters…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

I liked Michelangelo the most, the one with orange bandana and nunchaku. Lol, that ‘orange bandana’ had the most sense of humor and it came out with lots of funny acts every time the turtles were fighting!  And I really hated Shredder, every time bullying my poor turtles and their sensei Master Splinter.


Indeed, Transformers (2007) and Transformers, The Revenge of the Fallen(2009) were the hottest box office during the consecutive summer. Do you guys know that they were taken from cartoons/animations in the 1980s (my childhood period). I still remember that I liked dinobots the most!


Perhaps, this animation might not be as famous as others in the western countries, but this is the most unique one! Doraemon, who traveled from 22nd century to aid the school boy, Nobita. It enriches our world of imaginations with those funny, weird and useful tools which were taken from the 4-dimensional pocket. Time machine! Dokodemo Door(Anywhere door)!  Tell you what, I still watch it now! And I love this animation so much!

Dragon Ball

This is another Japanese animation which was brought into screen in 2008. It’s another famous animation during my childhood! Althought I didn’t really watched it, but I did watched some of the episodes…hehe…

Well, have you watched all of them? If you are not, maybe you are not borned the time we were, hehe! Stay tuned for more…

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2 Responses to Once upon a time …Part one…

  1. 嘉如 says:

    原來你也看thundercat !!! 前些日子我突然想起這卡通, 哼了thunder, thunder ,thundercat , 還被我妹妹說他不在我的時代, 不知道是身麼東東, 他還說老一輩子的才會!!! ninja turtle ,doraemon 我也有看!!! 哈哈, 當時還是小孩, 什麼都ngam!!!還有 ghost buster !!!

  2. limshouzhi says:


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