Sharing, Living under -25C’

Sharing, Living under -25C’

This is what happened when the temperature goes down, you see, the soft drink which I put beside the window became frost! What to do, have to melt it before I can drink it lo…

-25C’, Wow, can you imagine it? For those who stay in the country without four seasons, try to put your hand in the frozen compartment in the fridge, if you think that it’s cold. Hey, hello, that is only 0C’ only … Try to imagine, 25 times colder!!!!!

See, I’ve tried to pour it out, what happened is …

Well, this is not the 1st time I experienced such extreme winter! Back to four years ago, the condition even worst, -30C’. And let’s pray that the winter this year will not get colder than that…

It seems like try to get water from the dried well…

I’m already wore 5 layers today, plus scarf, 2 layered socks and gloves. If the temperatures continue to fall , huhu… Maybe it is a good idea that we’ll have another holiday again…

This is not a joke, you can see the ice-form of the soft drink… I just put it beside the window.

So, this is Russian Winter, for those who always admire us who studying here, please reconsider it ya, I really hope I can live in a place which is not that extreme!

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6 Responses to Sharing, Living under -25C’

  1. 嘉如 says:

    ow….. i can feel the cool from the picture…. really cool……..beh tahan~~~~

  2. 嘉如 says:

    ow…i can feel the cold from the picture….. really very very very cold……

  3. limshouzhi says:

    Yup, damm cold! hehe, today can’t even can go out to the street! And they said the weather will continue to fall until this weekend, huhu, how to survive here?

  4. 嘉如 says:

    躲在被窩裡, 冬眠吧~~~~~huhu~~~

  5. limshouzhi says:

    I also want to hibernate, but I still have class, see la, this coming week if the temperature still falls, then i shud hibernate d, now it’s already -30c d…huhu…

  6. 嘉如 says:

    天啊~~~!!! 上課???~~~教授是怪人嗎?他們不冷喔 ??? 我的粽子朋友, 你要好好照顧自己喔!!! 好好得珍惜這段時刻把, 不然你回來馬來西亞這個熱帶國家的時候就會想念那邊的冬天~~~~~…..好好照顧自己~~~~ 五六層的衣服不夠暖的話, 就穿十層吧

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