…22.12.09 + Group A = Unexpected happenings day!…

…22.12.09 + Group A = Unexpected happenings day!…

Friendship Forever!!! 631A… Banzai!!!

22.12.09, hmm… I think today should be remembered by all of us! Group A… Why? It is because we didn’t expect so many things happened in a day! What a day with mixed feelings…

Well, by the time all of you read this blog, it may already the next day already… You know la, my English is not so good, in order to write a good English blog might need to consume longer time than others … But , I still want to share it with all of you any way… Eh, I’m not showing off ya…

Asking of why today is a memorable day for Group A? 1st of all we were out celebrating our 2 KK’s (Kok King and Ka Keat) Belated Birthday. Sorry guys, we celebrated it a day after your birthday ya (due to certain circumstances) !

Happy Belated Birthday to kok king and Ka keat…hehe…

And then, surprises followed one by one…

Kok King’s hand phone lost and found!

Ka Keat bullied by the rude STUPID RACIST guard at the Dean’s office… (I think the guard drunk already)



Nantha? Told us the joke of the day! ‘Dengkil takde Form 6’

Me and Ieja were the last ‘victims’… Talked to the Russians along the way back… some more there was a traffic jammed along our way back which costs about an hour to arrive from Minina Square to Medical Street… So tired talking using their language… haiz… And we have to pretend we ‘love’ this place so much…

But it was a very enjoyable afternoon dining out with all, again we tighten up our friendship! Some secrets unveiled, but they’re our secrets, sorry guys for can’t share these… But, I felt grateful for having such a great group mates for willing to share everything among us, and I wanted to tell you guys, don’t worry, your secrets are save with me ya!

And, here comes some of the pictures that I took, for practising photoshooting skills… hehe…

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2 Responses to …22.12.09 + Group A = Unexpected happenings day!…

  1. ieja says:

    me victim lain…u victim itu mabuk punye ruski pakcik..hihi

  2. limshouzhi says:

    U victim Ruski tu cakap dia suke u ma, i tau! hehe, tapi dah malas nak tulis sebab terlalu letih! hehe…

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