Kazan,the craziest winter trip ever!-Prologue

Well, I just got back from which I called one of my best and yet the craziest travel trip ever in my life!

I was traveling together with Faiz, Rose and Jatdeng to Kazan during this very extreme cold weather! It was -20’c upon our arrival on the 3rd of January, which was the coldest day for Kazan since winter started!

Luckily we met Yulia, a very nice and kind couch-surfer who was willing to walk with us under this condition for 2 days. Thank you Yulia, I really appreciate the time you spent for us, and you made my Kazan trip so meaningful!

How to define the term ‘craziest’ for the trip? Well, it’s the weather! We were all traveling under the condition of -25’c, throughout the city! Can you imagine how cold it was? Walking on the street with this kind of extreme weather not for 1 or 2 hours but for the whole day! Am I crazy? Well, what I can say is, the city is too attractive and is very beautiful! It tempted every traveler’s heart to explore more about it, you can never resist such a big temptation it offers!

I really enjoyed the time we spent together, although the weather was not so favorable to travel. Thank you guys, it was so fun traveling with you all, and you made this trip meaningful!

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4 Responses to Kazan,the craziest winter trip ever!-Prologue

  1. 嘉如 says:


  2. limshouzhi says:

    Well, thx for ur compliment, it’s a very nice and beautiful city, juz the weather wasn’t so favorable for travel, it was really cold under -25’c… hehe! that’s why i said it’s the craziest travel ever i’ve experienced! hehe…

  3. 嘉如 says:


  4. limshouzhi says:

    Thx, luckily i didn’t get frostbite! hehe, if not, really dunno hw to imagine what will happend…hehe!

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