…Kazan, discovering a thousand year-old city…(Part 2)

…Kazan, discovering a thousand year-old city…(Part 2)

This is the continuation from the previous entry, Kazan, discovering a thousand year-old city. So, from the previous blog I already told you guys that how extreme condition was in Kazan during our stay there. So, want to know how we survived through these two days?

We were lucky because after we visited the church along Bauman street , Jatdeng another friend Chamile whom she met thru couch-surfing came to us by car! So, we hopped on his car to the local restaurant for lunch! It was a Russian-Tatar Restaurant, so we ordered some Tatars foods just to fulfill our curiosity… hehe! I ordered Tatars chicken fillet and fried rice, the chicken fillet wasn’t any different from Russian style, they just fried with cheese and mushroom. And what attracted my attention was this drink called Alsu, it tasted like sour yogurt. Chamile saved us from being frozen outside the road, thanks to him, we being able to get a shelter.

Alsu, the sour yogurt…

Tatar-Russian Style Cuisine…

After meeting with Chamile, we went straight to Bauman Street, it was about 4pm already by the time we reached. Under -25’c, we weren’t able to walk long, we just bought some souvenirs and snapped some pictures along the street before we went back to our hostel.

In my opinion, Bauman Street seems like a mini size of Arbat in Moscow, but with different architectures, it is worth for every tourist to glance thru the street… Oh ya, and along Bauman Street, there are few others Tatars Restaurant, you might able to try our some Tatars cuisine here.

So, how about our dinner? In our minds there was a kebab shop just at the corner of our hostel. By the time we went back, it was closed. We ordered the pizza delivery… Guys, don’t ever try this if you are in Kazan next time. It wasn’t worth at all, what we ordered was a seafood pizza, and it turned out just a small, cold, lack of ingredient and not attractive pizza…zzz… Some more we have to share among 4 of us! I slept with a hungry stomach that night at 9p.m.

Luckily I was able to sleep. Poor Rose, she wasn’t able to sleep because someone slept soundly and she can’t even closed her eyes until midnight! Hehehe…..

We woke up early on the next day, 5.1.10 because we wanted to go some place special! Some place which I called the ‘Alladin Palace’, actually it is just a church with a very special outlook, but from the picture I saw from the internet, it really looks like ‘Alladin Palace’ and it looks like what we saw in the fairy tales…

It was -27’c, and I still remember I wore 3layers of socks, 6 layers of cloths and 2 layers pants. But, I still can feel the cold from my bones. I was so lucky that I didn’t  caught a frostbite, otherwise… bad prognosis…

‘Adzitka’ or we called sambal! Only can found in Kazan, which is also Faiz favorites!

We went back to the café that we went upon our arrival earlier at the train station because we wanted to keep our luggage at the train station. It costs 75rb per bag.

And from the train station, you have to take the bus no.2 across the road if you want to read this ‘Alladin Palace’, actually the real name is All Religions Church. But again, don’t go during this extreme period, hehe! Because you are not allowed to visit the interior of the church, you only can take the pictures outside the church. Guess how we survived through the cold?

Well, we took the bus which heating system not properly functioned, and we actually already frost inside the bus, hoping that we can get shelter in this church. But our expectation weren’t that accurate. When we reached the church, we were not allowed to go in!!!!!  Oh man, it was   -27’c and we were out there for about 3 hours without any shelter, really can’t felt my fingers and toes already… As soon as we finished taking the pictures, we ran into a shop there to keep warm. We were lucky we met these kind Russians who allowed us to stay inside the shop while waiting for the bus, or else I don’t think we can made it.

The experience being outside under -27’c was fun! Beside the possibility of getting frostbite, the view along the Kazan River was great! We can see the desert of snow, watching Russians fishing on the frozen river by drilled a hole into the ice! Too bad because we didn’t make it to stand on the Kazan river because we were almost caught frostbite before we able to think about it.

After visiting All Religions Church, Yulia invited us to be her guest in her house for lunch! It was so kind of her, and her family. And that was my 1st time being invited as a guest. But the way to her house was a bit far, hehe! About an hour away from the train station…. But still it was so worth to pay a visit to her!

Yulia prepared us Tatars food and Russian food. While we were waiting, we also been entertained by her cat, Irbis…  Which is not as naughty as our Ieja’s Cik Siti here , hehe! The lunch was so delicious… Here by I showed you some pictures of the food prepared by Yulia and her family…

And I learned a Russian customs from them! Yulia’s father asked us to sit for while before we leave, according to them, this is Russian culturethat everyone sit as a sign of reunion before we leave. Thanks again to you and your kind-hearted family, Yulia.

And here are some pictures i managed to capture before we leave Kazan…

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4 Responses to …Kazan, discovering a thousand year-old city…(Part 2)

  1. It sure is cold there.
    Didnt know that sitting custom, quite interesting.

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Yup, 1st time to me also! hehe, but it was a very nice experienced back in Kazan.

  3. Rose says:

    zhi sure look like a tartarian in the first pic! XD
    i wished i had brought some maggi with me then. Atleast it’ll compensate for our filthy dinner with a wasabi dot. The sushi is too pathetic even to post it here huh? lol

  4. limshouzhi says:

    Wf the maggi i don’t think u dare to use and cook in the kitchen also, because the kitchen in our hostel was…hehe!

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