…Skiing and photo shooting session …16.1.10…

…Skiing and photo shooting session …16.1.10…

Just woke up not long ago, tired, exhausted plus muscles pain in all parts of  body… Sigh, for almost half a year I didn’t involve in sport already, that’s the consequences by having a strenuous activity at once,I can even feel the pain while writing… huhu…;(  But it was fun…

I woke up ‘earlier’ today, around 10am because promised Kok King that we would go to ski together!  Usually, I wake up at 12noon during weekend… :P…

It was a sunny day and lucky to us because there wasn’t windy today. Under -20’c, we went to ski together with Willy, Mervin, and Rose. Wore 4 layers of clothes actually just to prevent getting frostbite.

There’s a skiing resort just located not far away from our hostel, it is within walking distance and we took about 20minutes to reach there. For those Nizhnians who wish to ski there,  150rb needed for the rental for 3 hours and don’t forget to bring along your passport as deposit. Tea is free for everyone, you can drink how many cups you like there…..;)

Well, talking about experiences of skiing, I had it once 4 years ago when I was in 2nd year. During that time, we still used the traditional wooden skis. But it was different today as we used the glass fibers one. Big different le… the glass fibers one is lighter, and easier to navigate, not like the wooden one, heavy, not that good looking at and also hard to navigate…(Just an opinion from the super super amateur like me 😉

Needless to say, countless time I fell down while skiing, and so many funny ways of falling down, like from the front, from the side, fell to the back and also rolled from the hill… That what caused my muscles pain…hehe… But you cannot see all my clumsy acts because those are highly prohibited for sharing… 😉

I think we were the oldest and fell down the most at the skiing resort, because I saw only kids fell down there. For those adults like us, they already ‘flying’ in the snow, not like us, crawl like tortoise yet got fell down easily…

After all the fallings and clumsy acts there, we decided to have a photo shooting session there because the view was superb in the resort. It was a very good experience of having a photo shooting session there, especially on the frozen lake… And now I’m sharing those nice pictures with all of you…

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2 Responses to …Skiing and photo shooting session …16.1.10…

  1. 嘉如 says:

    u really enjoy yrself~~~~
    i wish to play oso ~~~huhu

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Of coz a bit uncomfortable wf the 4 layers clothes, but what to do, to prevent frostbite wat, hehe! Not really enjoy, i juz blog abt something interesting only, the rest of the time need to study also, juz for final year, have to do something that haven’t done before graduate, if not no more chance already;).

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