…My 1st Portrait Photoshooting Tryout…

Well, I called this portrait photo shooting, if someone find out that I was wrong, please correct me ya. Of course this tryout was just with a plain background without the so-called soft box or umbrella.

This is how the pro deal with the pictures…

We are the final year medical students already, NNSMA Class of 2010. In order to graduate which will left us a lots of good memories, we came out with an idea to make our own year book, Year Book 2010.

Picture behind the screen…

So, today was the day of portrait and group photo shooting session. I think the photo session turned up quite well besides some of them already left Nizhny and some of them were ‘so’ reluctantly move their buttocks…  Honestly we were having so much fun back there in our ‘studio’.

Ieja and Rose during the photo shooting session…

It was a nice experience for me, although I’m not the pro who took the portrait for them, I learned a lots from K.K and Nas. I just brought my camera along and simply shoot around. (For a beginner like me, I gained lots of experience thru this photo session)

My portrait…

Thanks to my art director Kok King and all my models…Althought it’s not the best, but hope you guys like it…;)

King’s portrait…

Honestly, the lighting wasn’t that good, so I used ISO 400 and edited it with photoshop, so got a bit of noise…hehe…

Mohan’s Portrait…

Proudly present to you by limshouzhi’s photography with Canon EOS 450D

Faiz and Kok King

Shu Yu and Rose

Me and Kok King

King and Shu Yu

Ieja and Kok King



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2 Responses to …My 1st Portrait Photoshooting Tryout…

  1. Shu Yu says:

    Uncle, my name is Shu Yu, saya punya nama ialah Shu Yu..bukan Syu Yu lah uncle..

  2. limshouzhi says:

    I always confused ma, syu yu and shu yu, soooo confusing! hehe… okok, will change it now…

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