Zhi’s Footprint… 志的足迹…Winter Trip 2010-Prologue

Zhi’s Footprint… 志的足迹…Winter Trip 2010-Prologue

Hey! I’m back! Your favorite blogger landed in motherland of Russia just 2 days ago and this time, more interesting stuffs will be shared with all of you exclusively thru my blog…hehe, stay tuned ya…

Well, as mentioned in previous Chinese blog, I went to Eastern Europe for 12 days trip, thanks to Airberlin for the promotion tickets that let me travel to Berlin for just 99Euro…

Tired, exhausted and totally worn out! That was what in my mind soon landed back in Russia. But it was a very interesting trip! And thanks to my love, Xiangyun who is always with me through ups and down all the time.

So, here you go, those places I’ve been to during this winter trip!

Moscow Red Square

Moscow, The place where journey begins…

Well, as always, Moscow is the 1st stop for us before going to other places because here is where all the international routes get connected! So, I grabbed some time just for a short photo shooting.

Brandenburg Gate

Berlin, The divided city…

Well, Berlin is a very interesting city, besides an unexpected event that happened there, the rest was so nice. I lost my travel diary together with Xiangyun’s spectacles on the very last day of my trip in Berlin, some ‘f***ing’ thief opened my camera bag while I was following a day tour in Berlin, luckily my camera was with me all the time. I lost some of the very important details that I wanted to share with all of you just in case you travel there, sigh! (But will try my best to remember them)

Holocaust Memorial

Berlin was established on a small island, been through the Prussian Empire, World-War 1 and 2 and then divided by Allied and Soviet era until German reunification in 1990. It is a city that consists of very many different historical backgrounds that you can hardly resist the temptation to visit the city!

Stare Measta, Prague

Prague, The city of fairy tales…

Yes, this is the second time I visited Prague because me and Xiangyun were so in love with this city! It’s not a big city though, but travelling in each part of the city seems like living in a fairy tale! You can never find your way out once you’re lost in the heart of the city…

Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora, The final resting place for the skeletons…

Under the list of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE, estimated 40000-70000 skeletons were rested in this small town area specifically in Sedlec Ossuary. It is located at the central Bohemia where you can easily travel there from Prague.

Sedlec Ossuary

St Barbara Cathedral

Worclaw, Poland’s Venice

Previously known as Breslau by German or Vratislav by Czech or the 2nd Prague, it was built on 12 islands and surrounded by rivers and canals. It is a very scenic and beautiful city, once you are here, you will sure fall in love with it… 😉

Poland’s Venice

Krakow Stare Miesta…

Krakow, Tracing the pace of Dragon!!!

Krakow or Cracow, another city in Poland has one of the most beautiful castle I’ve ever seen. To bad for us because the dragon dent is closed in winter time. Walking around the Rynek or known as old town was breath taking, more importantly, the food there was so nice and cheap!


Auscwitz-Berkenau, the darkest history of human kind…


‘Jews are a race that must be totally exterminated’.  That was what greeted us when we entered this concentration camp, the largest and yet one of the most horror place in the world! Estimated 1.1 million were murdered here. Chills haunted us all the time when we were there.  This is the place where Josef Mangele, the German SS Officer a.k.a “Death Angel” did his inhuman human experimentation!


Well, that’s all for the moment, for those who wish to know some tips or information about how to travel in these places, stay tuned with me as I will share every single detail I have with all of you… 😉 Ciao…

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5 Responses to Zhi’s Footprint… 志的足迹…Winter Trip 2010-Prologue

  1. Rose says:

    eh ur head are angled 45′ in almost all the pics =) trademark pose ya

  2. Rose says:

    nice pics, i love the krakow dragon,the skull n auswich photos esp

  3. limshouzhi says:

    Eh! The pose is my copy right reserve liao ar ;P! hehe…Thx for the compliments, more nice pics will come soon…

  4. honyin says:


  5. limshouzhi says:

    Thx…like urs one also…hehe!

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