…Sharing, Winter Trip 2010…(Part 1)…The journey begins…

…Sharing, Winter Trip 2010…(Part 1)…The journey begins…

Red Square, Moscow…

Well, as mentioned before, I went for a trip in Eastern Europe for about 12 days… Back to that, was preparing for this trip since three months ago, thanks to Airberlin for the promotion tickets for just 99Euro, I managed to cut half of my budget.

Before I start to share my journey, here are some people I wish to thank for providing me some important information, they are Kok King, Rose and Junice. And thanks to Kakeat and Steven for lending me their tripods, sorry to say that I didn’t bring them at last, but thank you very much for everything… hehe.

Xiangyun posing at the Red Square…

So, this is it, my first entry to share my winter trip 2010…

Me and Xiangyun kicked off our trip from Nizhny Novgorod! The current place where both of us pursuing our medical degree. By taking train, it took us about 5 and half hours to reach Moscow, capital of Russia to catch a flight to Berlin, which is our 1st destination of our journey. For those Nizhnians who still don’t know the timetable of the train from Nizhny to Moscow, here it is:

Red Square Moscow

Nizhny-6.36am  and reach Moscow-12noon and the cost-410Rb and the other morning train is at 9am and you will reach Moscow at 2pm, for more schedule, you can log on to these websites:  www.rzd.ru (Please correct me if any of my info is wrong.)

Red Square Moscow

Moscow, The place where journey begins…

Well, as always, Moscow is the 1st stop for us before going to other places because here is where all the international routes get connected!

Red Square,Moscow

We reached Moscow at 12noon, and our flight was at 5.30pm. So, we went hang out for a short while at Red Square, just for photo shooting, hehe. This is not the 1st time I’ve been there, but it was the 1st time doing photo shooting there using my new camera. And here I share some of them with you, whether they are nice or not it’s up to you to determine it.

Xiangyun@Red Square,Moscow

For those who are travelling thru Domodedova Airport, it is easily accessible by aeroexpress (Airport speed train) thru Paveletskaya Metro Station, it costs 250rb and it takes 45mins to reach the airport. Or else, you can take bus by Domodedovsky Metro Station by around 70rb (2 years ago), but it takes longer time and is not punctual.

Domodedova Airport…

The plane departed on time! (Not like previous year when I flew with Niki Air, it was delayed for about an hour which caused my luggage to be left in Vienna while I was on my way to Milan)

And here comes Berlin! The capital of Germany… a.k.a. as The Divided City…

Once landed, we met 2 Malay girls at the airport, asking for how to validate the bus ticket, and here is our conversation:

Zhi: Orang Malaysia?

The Malay Girls: Ye…

Zhi: Dari mana?

The Malay Girls: Dari Nizhny…

Zhi: Nizhny????? Mengape tak pernah nampak???

The Malay Girls: Yeke? Macam pernah nampak je… I tinggal kat 1st hostel and I tinggal kat 5th hostel, kite 1st year…

Zhi: O, I jarang pi 1st and 5th

They are my juniors studying in the same school with me, and yet we first met in Berlin….zzzzz…

Tips: to validate the ticket, you just need to search for the small yellow/red boxes which are allocated at the bus station or at the metro station, but if you don’t find it at the bus station, you can always validate the ticket in the bus itself. It is very important to validate your ticket to avoid fine!!!

Hauptbahnhof Berlin

Well, we made Berlin our last stop to visit because it’s more convenient for us not to miss our flight on the last day. So, I went to Prague straight away once I landed in Berlin. But before that, we spent a night at Hauptbahnhof Berlin or Berlin Central Station, the largest crossing station in Europe. It is one of the landmarks that are must-visit by every traveler for its great historical background and architectures. For more info, you can log on to Wikipedia for the complete story.

Berlin Central Station

It was a freezing night at Berlin that night, snow storm hit Berlin just few hours before we landed and heavy snow flooded the whole Berlin that night. It was -12°c and it was freezing cold at the central station, in fact it was a mistake to stay overnight there in this extreme weather, but in order to save our budget, what to do…

Notes: For travelers who plan to stay over night at the central station, it is not recommended to do so during winter time because of the poor heating system! There was a pharmacy which operates 24hours and Mc Donald which also opens almost 24hours except 2am – 3am, the rest of the shops will be closed after 10pm.

United Buddy Bears, from the left, Korea………(The other 2 I forgot their country already, ;P)

Luckily we got company in the central train station all the time! Guess what?  United Buddy Bears! Have you heard before? If you haven’t heard it, let’s me give you some short intro.

Taken from United Buddy Bears homepage: They are fiberglass bears over six feet tall which are painted by artists from nations all over the world. They are canvases to showcase the creativity, national pride, and spirit of people from over 120 countries. The United Buddy Bears carry an important message about the need for global peace, tolerance, and friendship.

United Buddy Bears

Since 2002, almost US $2 million has been raised for charity organizations. In each city where the United Circle of Buddy Bears is shown, activities (e.g. auctions) raise money for children in need. At the end of the world tour and in-between the bears will be sold by charitable auction for UNICEF and other organizations helping needy children all over the world.

The bears have been displayed at the following Stations since the beginning of the tour in 2004:

Kitzbuehel, Austria (2004)
Hong Kong – Victoria Park (2004)
Istanbul – Beyoglu (2004)
Tokyo- Roppongi Hills (2005)
Seoul – Olympic Park (2005)
Sydney – Opera (2006)
Berlin – Bebelplatz (2006)
Vienna – Karlsplatz (2006)
Cairo- Zamalek (2007)
Jerusalem – Safra Square (2007)
Warsaw – Castle Square (2008)
Stuttgart – Schlossplatz (2008)
Pyongyang – Moran Hill Youth Park (2008)
Buenos Aires – Plaza San Martin (2009)
Montevideo – Plaza Independencia (2009)
Berlin – Hauptbahnhof (2009), from November 28th till April 14th, 2010. (What a coincidence!!!)

Well, that all for my 1st entry, stay tune for my next entry as my travel continued in Prague! The city of fairy tales…

United Buddy Bears marking his/her territory in Hauptbahnhof, Berlin. (Berliner sense of humor…)

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