…Sharing, Winter Trip 2010… (Part 5) Wroclaw, Poland’s Venice…

…Sharing, Winter Trip 2010… (Part 5) Wroclaw, Poland’s Venice…

Sunrise of Wroclaw…

Talking about why I always like to write about my travel experiences is because through writing about them, I’m able to learn more about their history, cultural background and also the precious experience which I gained for my future trips.

This is essential because wherever you go, 1st you must know everything about the destination you are going, read thru every single detail provided not only by me, but other websites if possible so that you can make you trip perfect!

For this chapter, I’m going to introduce to you all another exciting place which I think you can’t miss when you plan your trip to Poland, it’s Wroclaw!

I know that spring is around the corner and I’m still telling the story about winter… But this is just sharing, it’s about my experiences and I hope you enjoy it.

Well, I like how they introduce Wroclaw, and here I’m going to share with you the 1st paragraph depicted in ‘Wroclaw in your pocket’:

‘To Wroclaw’s other accolades (The most bridges and islands, the most Nobel Prize winners, the most genomes) you can attach one more curious addition: within a mere 400 metres of the city’s historic Old Town one can find the houses of worship of four different religious denominations – a spatial and spiritual arrangement unique in Poland, and as far as all of Europe. Dubbed the ‘District of Mutual Respect’, the anomalous area includes three churches- Lutheran, Orthodox and Roman Catholic and a Jewish synagogue which is almost side by side.’ That’s true! As you visit Wroclaw, you will find out what it means…;)!

We just passed by on our way to Krakow, so we didn’t spend much time here, but we’ve tried our best to visit the most important tourist spots …

One must not miss the Market Square, or a.k.a Rynek, it is known as the second largest in Europe after the Market Square in Krakow.  This is not only the city’s municipal centre, but also the social and cultural centre of Wroclaw. And the most important thing is… All the restaurants are situated here, you can find a variety of food here, ranging from Oriental, Middle East to local delicacies, but what I recommend you is this… Sphinx… (Arabic Restaurant). Check it out in the following pictures and you will know why I strongly recommend it!

Introducing Sphinx!!!

Sphinx Interior!

And these are what we ordered!

Chicken Steak!

Salmon Steak!

Pork Ribs!

Want to know how long we spent in Wroclaw? It was exactly less than 12hours, it is because we reached Wroclaw in the evening and our train to Krakow was 11am on the next day morning. So, here is it, wanted to share with you how I managed to travel in the heart of Wroclaw.

Market Square!

1st, catch the night view of the Market Square, try to snap as many pictures as possible… Food in Wroclaw is very cheap, compared to other cities in Europe, so why not try to spend your dinner in those restaurants around the market square which attract your attention? Believe me, you will only need to very little for a big portion of food!

Since you cannot do much in the night time, why not take your rest early and try to explore the rest of Wroclaw early in the morning? If you’re lucky enough, you might catch the sunrise!

Walk to Market Square in the morning to capture the day view of the square, then just on the right side of the square, follow Odrzanska Road and you will reach St Elizabeth Church (The city’s tallest and oldest in Wroclaw).

St Elizabeth Church!

After St Elizabeth Church, you will reach Grodzka Street, turn into your left to University fascade, oh yea! Wanted to remind you that don’t forget the surrounding! It’s so superb, I like their architecture, seems likes Prague, so unique! I wonder when I can stay in such nostalgic places (Prague, Wroclaw …etc) Trust me, these architectures you can only find in Eastern Europe…

University fascade, visit the University Church of Blessed Name of Jesus. A late Baroque church has been ranked among the most beautiful in central Europe. (Too bad I just managed to passby it);P…

Once you crossed over university fascade, you will reach the most fascinating part of Wroclaw! Ostrow Tumski or a.k.a Cathedral Isle. Yea, here is an island where about 10 churches and cathedral located! The scenery was so superb and magnificent! For those couples who wish to find a perfect location for their wedding photo album, I think there are no other places more perfect than here! Can you imagine how beautiful it is? Being blessed by those churches and cathedrals and make them as the background of your photos.

Introducing Ostrow Tumski!

Let me show you some of the pictures I took from there… Lovely, romantic, sweet even you can feel the soft and gentle aura emitted from the photos…;P ! (Maybe I’m too exaggerated, but I really love this spot!)

Locals will not forgive you for missing out on the Raclawice Panorama, a 140m-long canvas depicting Kosciuszko’s legendary victory over Russians in 1794, haha… too bad I missed it because we were really running out of time.

Of course there are many other interesting and exciting places in Wroclaw that are worth visiting, like museums, other churches, cathedrals, Jewish Wroclaw and etc. But one I must remind you not to miss, the Gnomenclatures, one of Wroclaw’s most popular, memorable and iconic attractions. Gnomes, a little fellas which are wide spread in Wroclaw’s main tourist spots! There are about 123 gnomes sighted in the city center, try to spot as many as possible…

Accommodation? There is 1 hostel only I would like to recommend, Boogie Hostel! As depicted on the pamphlet, dance all the way to bed. A very cool hostel which is located at the heart of Wroclaw, just a few meters away from Market Square which makes it easy to travel and the price is very reasonable!

The direction on the email once you booked the room on internet is not correct, I told the person in charged upon my arrival that day to change it, but I don’t know whether they changed it or not, if not, you just need to ask upon your arrival on the train station, it’s 35, Ruska Street, once you reach Ruska Street, you can easily spot it!

That’s all for this entry, on next entry! I’m going to share with you one of the darkest history of humankind, the place which we called ‘The hell on the earth!’ – Auschwitz-Berkinau Concentration Camp! Stay-tuned!

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4 Responses to …Sharing, Winter Trip 2010… (Part 5) Wroclaw, Poland’s Venice…

  1. Rose says:

    love the christmas tree n the swan pics.. lovely ^^,

  2. Rose says:

    140m-long canvas depicting Kosciuszko’s legendary victory over Russians in 1794- try take that panorama for a challenge.. lol!

    oooh.. seems someone marked a spot for wedding album. Or u can choose New Zealand instead, another scenic place surrounded by churches and cathedrals dancing to the sound of wedding bells. I’m waiting for the goos news, Zhi 😉

  3. limshouzhi says:

    Yea, wait la, will let u knw when time is comes, hehe! ;P. And abt New Zealand, will go later when work in Malaysia, then will decide lo…

  4. limshouzhi says:

    Thx for liking it! hehe…

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