…Finding Ice Cycle…寻找…’爱,诗歌’!

…Finding Ice Cycle…寻找…’爱,诗歌’!

In this entry, I’m sharing with you guys about ice cycles! This is my collection about them …’Finding Ice Cycle’…

Well, ice cycle is something like a waterfall, rapid accumulating ice and showed like a sculpture and it is totally natural!

Capturing it wasn’t difficult, but it depends on the right moments! It is because we have to wait until the extreme weather alternating between day and night so that enable it to melt in the day and frost in the night!

Here are those pictures that I captured around my hostel!

…Finding Ice Cycle…



为此名为:寻找, ‘爱, 诗歌’,因为比较好听, 好比 ‘冰柱’ 或 ‘冰棒’ 好听吧… 嘻嘻, 希望你们会喜欢.

它们是在冰天雪地里那难得的气候变化后才长出来的, 就如雨后春笋般的冒出来…

拍摄它们并不难, 只是需要等待那适合的时间, 就好想气候变化无常的天气, 白天温度提高它们溶化, 再等晚上温度降低时凝结回去, 这就是我所谓的, ‘爱, 诗歌’!

需要注意的是, 拍摄时要很小心, 因为有它们的地方,地面上就会很滑哦!

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