…Spring BBQ…

…Spring BBQ…

Chicken ala-Malaysia, Tandoori and ginger(Kunyit) chicken…

Well, it was a sunny, nice and warm Saturday morning to have some outdoor activities, hehe! Yup, I was invited by Yun’s group for their group BBQ at the compound near our hostel… And yet our BBQ ended in a windy, cloudy and rainy afternoon… ;( What a drastic change, but we enjoyed ourselves all the time…;)

What is pity to us is the bbq compound, it is so limited and in order to get a place there, we need to arrive earlier just to reserve the place, and we were lucky because we were the earliest among other 2 groups, so we got the most strategic place for it! 😉

Thank you guys for such a nice and wonderful food! Although in the exam seasons, it gave me some relaxation while finding more inspiration to continue my upcoming exams… Hey, I can still  feel the food up until my throat…;P

Candle, used to set up the fire… Easy and fast, you can try it if you want…

Our Water supply…

Additional natural flavor… The wind was too strong and blew everything on the ground…

Xiangyun… so happy grilling the chicken… 😉

Some pictures to share, the earth once again back to green…

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