…Snowing in April…四月飘雪…

…Snowing in April…四月飘雪…

Winter again!!! Oh noooooo, a sudden drastic change of the weather made the earth back into white again in April, it’s Spring! And yet, what do you expect???

Supposed to share this post with you guys yesterday, but because of exam this morning, I can only share with you now… The exam was great, what a relief, hehe! 1 month for us to replenish our energy before another round of hustle and bustle… Pray hard for me to pass ya… 😉

This is not the 1st time I experienced snowing in April already, the 1st time was last year, and the timing also about the same… Don’t you feel weird? Or our beloved mother earth really sick because of us, the inhabitants on her lack of awareness?

It was sunny in the morning, but temperature was about 0-2°C, the sun only merely smile at us for about 1-2 hours and then it turned into windy and there came rain and snow…

And I managed to capture some of the scene and would like to share with you guys… 😉


告诉你们啊! 改次如果要看雪景不一定只有冬天才有了, 如果你们幸运的话, 春天也可以看到飘雪的情景…

不信吗? 你看, 这就是四月的雪…

这已经不是第一次了, 去年的这个时候也是一样…我们亲爱的地球生病了? 还是某些原因? 导致我们的气候那么的变幻无常啊?


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