…Spring 1st Shoot…

…Spring 1st Shoot…

My love Xiangyun posing…

Yup, spring just arrived here in Nizhny Novgorod and the weather is extremely nice! Not so hot, and not so cold, the temperature is just nice and about 18-20C’…

So, what are we doing during this superb weather? BBQ, outing, shopping, hanging around, flying the kites, picnicking and lots more…:)

For me of course I’m doing more photo shooting for this season… Not so much actually as I’m now busy preparing for my final exam as well, hehe! About 28 days more for my final exam, wish me all the best of luck ya!

Just wanted to share some of pictures which I like the most with you all…

And thanks to my models, I hope you guys like the pictures, too bad as there isn’t any flower blooming yet in my area, if not more pictures to share… And it’s time going back to study again… See ya in my next post…;)

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2 Responses to …Spring 1st Shoot…

  1. Kok King says:

    Woohoooo….got featured in ur blog eh~

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Yeala, happy? hehe…

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