What a ‘wonderful’ seasons!!!

What a ‘wonderful’ seasons!!!

For more flowers, do visit my garden, Zhi’s Garden, pictures of flowers updated from time to time…;)

Don’t get tricked by the heading of this post! Yea, Spring has arrived and Summer’s just around the corner! Superb weather, sunny days, cool air and flowers are blooming every where! The earth’s becoming lively once again!

It was 35’C out there today! I think Summer has arrived!

I just can partly approve the statement above! ‘Wonderful’ season…;(

Yea, it might be right for those who don’t have allergy, especially seasonal allergic reaction. Try to look at the picture below!

Kloratadin, Zodak, Ambrobene, Vitrum and Cromoglin… What are these? Well, they are my latest companions…

All are anti-histamines except Vitrum (My multivitamins pills)…Used to fight with my seasonal rhinitis… (Great, when I’m struggling with my final exam, there come all kinds of weird-weird symptoms!)

Have you ever experienced non-stop running nose, sudden blocked nose, itching, swelling or tearing eyes and sometimes even cough! Well, if you got all these symptoms during this season, congratulations! You might as well need those medications as I mentioned …

That’s what I called ‘wonderful’ seasons… I’ve spent so much on these drugs… haiz…

Well, what to do?

So, what is seasonal rhinitis? A brief intro about this…

According to Wikipedia-Seasonal  rhinitis– occurs particularly during pollen seasons. Seasonal allergic rhinitis does not usually develop until after 6 years of age.

Did those medication help? (According to my personal opinion, just want to share with you all)

Cromoglin (Eye drop) – Mast cells inhibitors, superb effect! Effectively take actions in few minutes!

Klarotadin (Loratadine) 2nd generation antihistamine, effect so so, but the can felt the sedative effect on the next morning…

Zodak(Ceterizine)- 2nd generation antihistamine, the effect is better…

Ambrobene– Mucolytics, for productive cough!

For those who seek for alternative treatment- Acupuncture! I used to do it in Malaysia because my uncle is a Chinese-physician, it really can help to relief the symptom for quite a period… Why don’t you have a try? (Too bad no picture to share because I’m not in Malaysia now)

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4 Responses to What a ‘wonderful’ seasons!!!

  1. keikei says:

    hey i wanna kutuk u. i dun care wat things ppl say behind my back. i tell straight.
    your first pic is bad. details in flower lost. ur last 1 better.

    meds: im taking almost same drugs. cetirizin better thn loratadin for this case. i also hv azelastin nasal spray. v good too.

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Thx for let me knw, will try to improve later, hehe! Not much flowers to take, and I only choose the best among the picture i took, hehe! Hope more flowers in this coming weekend! 😉

  3. Kok King says:

    The first pic wasn’t so bad, just lack definition. If taken much farther back, would be better; if less saturated, effect would be better too.

    2nd pic was breathtaking. Love it.

    Finally you bought cetirizine. Luckily hayfever doesn’t attack me during spring.

    You had acupuncture before right? I think this time you should try homeopathy instead. BTW, the “seasons” should be without the “-s” :))

  4. limshouzhi says:

    Thx for the comments, hehe! Really will consider abt the pictures again… Buy also useless, untill now also din see any improvement… haiz…!

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