…Victory Day 2010…День Победы 2010…

…Victory Day 2010…День Победы 2010…

09.05.2010 Nizhny Novgorod

Flowers were sold all along the way while we were walking to the square, the Russians buy the flowers to be presented to those veterans that had contributed during the War…

It was the biggest event of the year after New Year Celebration in Russia! On this very meaningful day, the Red Army (Soviet Union) claimed their victory in World War 2 over Germany on 09.05.1945!

And today, 09.05.2010! They’ve celebrated their 65th Anniversary of Victory in the war… The day that everyone should proud of, the day when the surrender document was signed late in the evening on 8th May (9th May Moscow time in 1945).

I was in the parade today! For the 1st time in 6th years of studying life in Russia… hehe! But it was a very valuable experience …..(Honestly speaking I haven’t been to our National parade yet..;P)

We didn’t went to Moscow for the parade, (of course I think Moscow one was 10x more grand than ours), we just stay in Nizhny Novgorod for it, so, these pictures were captured while I was along the parade and wanted to share with all of you…

Of course after the incident of Moscow Metro bombing, the security around the area was tighten up! From what we can see here, the police were patrolling around and the body scanners were every where to make sure everyone who entered the parade are safe!

And here comes the pictures that I managed to capture during the parade, I was toooooo far away from the good angle to take those pictures because it was too crowed! What I could was simply snapped from far… hehe…;)

The tanks, model-don’t know ;P

Try to look carefully at the back there, those who wore in white color suit were those veterans who contributed during the war time.

The Rockets Launchers… Like those we used to play in Red Alert???

Here comes the band marching in the parade…

My friends and groupmates posing at the parade.

And here are some memorable moment to share…

Look at her, our World War veteran, and the badges she got for her contribution to the war… 65 years have pasted and she is still in pink of health!

And we grabbed the opportunity to take picture with them… The flowers were gave by those who pay respect to them…

She became the center of attraction…And look at her hand with full of flowers…;)

65 years have passed and they still in love with each others!

Thank you to all for your great contributions…

Lovely couple…

Pay respect to all those who sacrificed during the War… In front of the eternal flame!

The veteran paying her respect…

Moment of silence…

And here are some cute pictures of small kids and baby…;)

It’s mine! Don’t you dare take it away from me!

“Pffffffff,” How come the bubbles didn’t fly away???

“What a cooling moment!”

And that’s all for this entry, Victory Day 2010… And for those who still don’t know, I’m competing in a photography competition now, 1Malaysia Photography Competition, and I appreciate that you click this link below to cast me a vote, just click *like* on the picture will do, thanks again for your precious votes! The Spirit of 1Malaysia.

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2 Responses to …Victory Day 2010…День Победы 2010…

  1. Oriermsnamn says:

    Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Thx for ur compliment, I’m not a journalist, juz like to share what I got wf u guys.. thx you so much!!!

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