…The Price of Peace…

Your favorites blogger will be temporary unavailable until 20th of June… huhuhu… Sorry to say that, but what to do… Preparing my final exam for my six years of medical school… After this, I will become a doctor which serve to the community (Actually still got a loooooong way to become the experienced one, I’m only a ‘noob’ after graduated…;) You may drop you wishes to me here(If you want to…;P)

Before we say goodbye…I would like to pay my deepest condolences to those who killed during their mission to Gaza which happened yesterday… 31.5.10… I just hope that this picture which I took from the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin will remind us how important the meaning of PEACE is…

Bye bye… Wish myself good luck!!! And all the best…;P

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3 Responses to …The Price of Peace…

  1. Lim, all the best~! q(^_^)p

  2. limshouzhi says:


  3. JAckiE says:

    hey~ Good Luck & All the best yo~!!! :]

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