…Saving Mother Earth…小小泥球, 拯救地球…

…Saving Mother Earth…小小泥球, 拯救地球…

EM Mud Balls

Well, what I’m going to show you are a group of students who do care about our mother earth!

They are students from Jit Sin Private High School… Great job! They were taught the correct way to conserve the environment…

My Brother, Shou Xian…;)

I missed the making-session of the mud balls and only managed to join them during the throwing session. But from what I saw, the students really put in so much effort just to make it work… And we really hope that their efforts will help clean the Sungai Rambai River…

So, what is EM Mud Ball?

This is what I got from the internet…(www.sungaijuru.com)

E.M. is an abbreviation for EFFECTIVE MICROORGANISMS Microorganisms are tiny units of life that are too small to be seen with the naked eye and they exist everywhere in nature. Microorganisms are crucial for maintaining the ecological balance. They carry out chemical processes that make it possible for all other organisms including humans to live. There are friendly guys of the microbial worlds known as beneficial microorganisms and a not so friendly group called pathogens that are harmful and capable of producing disease, decay and pollution

The EM Mud balls are useful as one of the environmental solutions towards reducing water pollutants and thus improving water quality in our rivers and drains. The fermentation emitted from the mud balls will alleviate or destroy the ammonia nitrogen found in human effluents and sewerage leakages into the water system.

The students enjoyed it so much! Besides doing some meaningful event to conserve the river, it is also very precious childhood memory…

Well, I like it very much, and this is the 1st time I participate in this kind of activity, I’ve read lots about it thru news and internet and today, I managed to throw the mud balls myself… Thanks to my brother, Shou Xian, I managed to join their school activities…

…小小泥球, 拯救地球…

这, 是我第一次参与, 觉得非常的有意义.  小小泥球, 拯救地球, 别小看这些小小的泥球哦! 它们可是身负重任哦!

它们就是EM 泥球… 看似简单, 但是, 制造过程可有一定的难度哦!

根据我的弟弟, 首宪说, 它们是用泥土, 面粉和酵素混合而成的… 然后待它们发酵大约一个月, 再将它们丢进那些受污染的河流, 产生净化作用… 你们看到照片里有白色的就是已经发酵了的, 那些还是土色的就是还没有发酵的…

在这想和你们分享我参与日新独中的一项EM球拯救Sg Rambai的画面, 虽然我没能参与制造EM球的过程, 但, 这对我来说可是一次非常有意义的经验. 除此之外, 我们还能通过这一类活动来提升人们对环境的保护. 加油, 日新独中绿色环抱组织…

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