…Summer Trip Part 2, St Petersburg, The Venice of the North…

…Summer Trip Part 2, St Petersburg, The Venice of the North…

Guys, thanks for staying tuned with me, with my blog… Sorry for my late update. For about 2 months I didn’t update any travel blog, hehe.. I was busy with other stuffs.

Since I just got back to my homeland, there are many things that await me to explore and experience.

For the moment, I’m waiting for my posting letter. Yup, for those who don’t know, when we graduate from med school, we need to fulfill compulsory service for our country. So, I’m now waiting to be called to serve for the nation!

And for this entry, I won’t elaborate more details about St Petersburg, because if I want to tell, from the information that I got, I don’t think I can finish the stories about St Petersburg in a week, hehe. If you want, you can search online for all the details…

Sharing with you in this entry my experiences, and things you need to know when travelling in St Petersburg, and of course, my pictures… 😉

Dear parents, or those who have relatives or friends in Russia, only one advice from me, please take a look at this amazing city! The most beautiful and interesting city in the northern part of the Earth I can say!

The reason why I said it is better if you know somebody who lives in St Pete or Russia, is that it is easier and cheaper to travel with those who already had experiences living with Russians. More fun awaits you there in St Petersburg if you travel by yourself compared to those who travel with tours.

Other than that, we might get the advantages travel with those who know Russian language, we can easily communicate with them, and not bully by them…;)

From my experiences, we can have more time for sight-seeing, compared to those who stay far-far away from center (most tour agency will book places which are not located at the heart of the city.

Things which I wanted to emphasize are:

Try to get a place to stay as near as the heart of the city. This is because we can save on transportation fees.

The most important thing is watching the opening of the hanging bridges. The bridges only open in the mid-night around 1.30am. And at that moment, the public transport is not working, so, how are you going to head back to hotel or hostel if the place you stay is far away from the heart of the city? Only taxi, which charges few times more than usual.

Experiencing the opening of the hanging bridge was one of my best moments ever in my life! Recommended to visit St Petersburg only in summer, this is because we can experience what we called the –White Night! And this is one of the best shot every photographer wants to capture once in their life(in my opinion)! Guys, trust me, you can capture the most outstanding panorama ever here in St Petersburg.

The most ideal place to stay  in my personal opinion is around the area of Admiralty, like Admiralteyskiy Prospect, and Nevskiy Prospect, which the hanging bridge just 5 minutes walking distance.

And why it is better to travel in St Petersburg during summer? Well, this is due to the extreme weather of Russia, it is extremely cold during winter time, and it can reach approximately minus 40°c!!! Wow wow wow wow wow! Only Russians can stand that temperature guys! Unless you want to walk in the streets with 10 layers of clothes!

And one more thing that I don’t recommend you guys to go during winter is because the fountains around St Petersburg are not functioning during winter. St Petersburg is famous for its fountains, you will miss them if you travel during winter.

Pick the one you wish to visit the most!

Yea, pick the location you wish to visit the most! Unless you’re really willing to spend a week or two in St Petersburg! Hahaha… There are too many places to visit in St Petersburg! For example, Peterhof alone will take the whole day.

Other than that, the other one you shouldn’t miss is Winter Palace or Hermitage, in which you would want to have a glance at every item in the museum! For students, please don’t forget to bring your student card, you can have a discount up to 50%! Other than that, you can also visit the churches, cathedrals, fortress, and even take a boat trip for sight-seeing? So, you better plan properly before you reach St Petersburg ya!

Talking about cathedrals, there are few cathedrals which you can’t be missed, among them there are Kazan Cathedral (Entrance is Free), St Isaak’s Cathedral, Church of Split Blood, and Zamkovaya Castle. All of them can be reached within walking distance.

Please wake up early and queue up outside the Hermitage or Winter Palace so you can be the early birds to enter the museum. The museum will open around 930am-1000am and you better be there around 8am. If not, you’ll be in the queue for 2-3 hours before you get in. This is the hottest spot for tourists, especially during summer; travelers around the world will flood here just to visit this very unique museum!

St Petersburg Trip was a great success, we went to places according to plan. Thanks to Kok King, who planned everything ahead so that our journey went smooth!

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