…Beauty of Nature…Mushrooms Hunting!蘑菇.摄.影.集

…Beauty of Nature…Mushrooms Hunting!

Mushrooms, the microscopic creatures in the forest… And these are what I got…

Guys! Sharing with you are what I got from past 5 days, hehe! Mushrooms photo shooting…

Once again I would like to thank Mr Ng for asking me out for this photo shooting session… Honestly, it was a great experience ever in my life…! And thanks to his friend who were being our guide on the way up to the hill.

Never in my life I thought of taking pictures of mushrooms, until last Saturday, when Mr Ng asking me to ‘hunt’ mushrooms with him.

We weren’t heading too far from Parit Buntar, it is Tok Kun Hill, Bukit Mertajam, which is about 40minutes from here…

Mushrooms… ! Not easy to found, it is because its depend on the weather, usually they appear during raining seasons…

It was raining heavily by the time we reached Tok Kun Hill, I thought that we won’t make it by ‘hunting’ those tiny creatures already. But, Mr Ng asked to wait for the rain to stop patiently…

After an hour, the rain stopped, and our ‘hunting’ started!

We found more than 20 different kinds of mushrooms just at Tok Kun Hill alone…

.P.S.   Well, it was a great experience doing photo shooting for mushrooms…

But, we have to pay extra cautions as the track were slippery and steeped! Other than that, we met lots of our natural enemies, mosquitoes which are craving for our blood, and ants which biting every inch of our flesh…

The challenge of taking mushrooms pictures are management of ISO ,wide balance and aperture, this is because mushrooms usually grow at shady places, in order to get a good quality of pictures, we need to do the setting properly to get the best shot!

Of course I’m not an expert of mushrooms, so, what I can share with you are those mushrooms that I captured without knoeing the real species…

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7 Responses to …Beauty of Nature…Mushrooms Hunting!蘑菇.摄.影.集

  1. Lisa says:

    Simply Spectacular pictures, Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow! This place that you went is amazing to have so many different types of mushrooms! And your photos are so beautiful!

  3. limshouzhi says:

    Thx for the compliment! hehe, yup! this is a very lovely place, it was a surprise to me also as for the 1`st time O encounter thr are so many kinds of diff types of mushrooms at a place…hehe!

  4. limshouzhi says:

    Thx for ur compliment!

  5. Kate says:

    I din know that Tokun have such type of mushrooms… Great pictures

  6. limshouzhi says:

    first time for me to knew tat also
    ,thx for it compliment.

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