…Hi,I’m Houseman Lim…

It’s been 3 weeks since I started working as a houseman officer in Taiping Hospital. I’m writing this blog at the moment while enjoying my precious weekend off.

I’m finally off-tag after being a tagger for about 2 weeks in surgical department in Taiping Hospital.

Sharing with you are what I’ve experienced and my personal opinions…

I’m still trying my best to adapt to the environment here, it is soooooooooo different compared to what I’ve got from Russia. And being a Russian graduate, our knowledge is way not enough, or can say we are far behind the par. Things are so different and so as the environment…

Thinking of what I’ve done during my surgical rotation in Russia was a shame, we were not exposed to many kinds of managements and materials which we ought to know before we graduate. It seems to me that I’m learning while working as a surgical houseman in Taiping Hospital now.

But this is a learning process and everyone will get through it, the difference is we’re taking the tougher road compared with others…

I’m enjoying my houseman life here, many things to learn as well as procedures. Of course we might be having a hard time, but my family, my baby Xiangyun and her family and friends will walk with me through every ups and downs…

I shall update more about my houseman life soon when I get my internet connection as I don’t have internet connection for the moment in Taiping.


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11 Responses to …Hi,I’m Houseman Lim…

  1. limshouzhi says:

    Sure I will, thx you…

  2. Julian says:

    Hello, Im a Russian medical student too. Any tips on how to prepare oneself better before graduating? Besides doing tons of practicals:)

  3. Julian says:

    Hello, Im a Russian medical student too. Any tips on how to prepare oneself better before graduating? Besides doing tons of practicals:) by the way which uni were you from?

  4. limshouzhi says:

    Hey,sry for the late reply,hehe! well, I’m frm Nizhny Novgorod, and for the time being, i thk u juz need to concerntrate on your study, and grab as much as you can, this is because you will need all you knowledge once you come to working life! Don’t trust those who said study and working is different, it is so correlating on each other, i have to study also once i got free time! Study will improve our knowledge and skills…Just bare in mind, study is for your future, dun follw what others say ya…;)

  5. Julian says:

    Thanks for the reply! Will do! Im just wondering, how do you feel you are compared to the other HO’s? The ones that graduate from other unis. Are we really that much more inferior as compared to them?:)

  6. limshouzhi says:

    Ofcoz we might felt a bit behind from them la, juz try our best to keep on track, and hard working, i thk shud not be a prob la, dont let those news to let down ur spirit ya!So far im doing great la, coz i learned a lot here! hehe…

  7. Julian says:

    Its encouraging to read that you are coping alright. Do well ok! and blog about it. It would be a great encouragement to those of us who are still studying. Im from Moscow btw:) I wish u all the best:)

  8. limshouzhi says:

    Oic,sure we can be competent like others,juz need to keep in mind that what we’ve study thr is very useful here! I still studying my int med which I brought back, it is a very very important basics for us!hehe…Sure i will blog abt them, dun wry,hehe!I really hope I got more free time to blog…

  9. sofea says:

    hello there..may i know how many days do housemans have to work?is the schedule very hectic?is it true that the extension rate is very high there?thank u so much for answering. i really like reading your blog.i am a final yr med student, i am considering taiping. =)

  10. limshouzhi says:

    Well, 1st of all, thx for like my blog, hehe! and for ur info, houseman now doing shift system, and you r given 2 days off per week, and yes, the extension rate is high over here, but is much more benign than last time, and if you are ready to take the challenge and wanted to become a competent medical officer, taiping is a good training base, but one thing i must let you know,you do not have an easy life as a houseman of taiping…so, please consider again before you chose, but in my opinion, taiping is a good place for housemanship…

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