Life as a houseman is always interesting! A lots of things await us to explore and lots of different people we will meet everyday. In other words, we will learned even just thru clerking patients.

And this was what I met today and wish to share with all of you today…

Patient X, was diagnosed with BPH(Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) under medication of T.Avodart and T Xastral.

Me:Selamat pagi, pakcik, macam mana dengan penyakit pakcik?

Patient X: Sudah ok, tapi kadang kala kencing malam banyak juga la.

Me: Tapi, adakah penyakit pakcik bertambah baik selepas makan ubat itu?

Patient X: Sudah bertambah baik! Sebelum makan ubat ini, lagi teruk lo!

Me: Jadi, maksud pakcik, aliran kencing bertambah lancar, boleh tahan kencing, tak payah meneran ketika kencing dan frekuensi ke tandas sudah kurang.

Patient X: Ya! ya! Memang! Tapi kadang-kala I memang kena pergi tandas banyak kali dan tak boleh tahan kencing.

Me:Adakah hal ini berlaku apabila pakcik minum air banyak sahaja?

Patient X: Eh, tak adalah, pakcik memang kurang minum pada waktu malam.

Then I further my investigation…. And guess, why this happened?

Me:Pakcik ade makan ubat tiap-tiap hari?

Patient X: Tak! Pakcik takut amik ubat tiap-tiap hari.

Me:kenape? jadi kalau tak makan ubat hal ini berlaku la?

Patient X: Ya, kalau tak makan ubat, hal ini memang berlaku, doktor, boleh tak kalau I boleh sembuh tanpa makan ubat?


Patient X: I tension makan ubat tu la!

Me: Pakcik, tak makan ubat macam mana nak sembuh?

Patient X: Pakcik buat satu experiment, pakcik letak ubat itu dalam air,dan ubat itu tak boleh hadam la, I takut nak makan ubat itu,nanti semua ubat itu tersumbat di mana-mana tempat di badan macam mana?Tiap-tiap kali pakcik makan ubat,pakcik kena hancur kepada serbuk baru berani makan, sangat leceh nih! Entah sudah berapa biji ubat tersumbat di dalam badan, nanti macam mana?Pakcik memang tension dan tak boleh tidur sebab makan ubat-ubat ini.

At that moment, I really speechless… I have no words to say… he is not someone who stay at Kampung or illiterate, he is someone well educated and this was what he told me…

He told me that he heard this fact from some village traditional medicine practitioners that the tablet is cannot be digested in our body and will obstruct somewhere in our body.

What should I say? Of course had to council patient to take the medication and we will see the progression la.

Patient is innocent and as a medical caregivers, this is our job to make sure that they have the right information with them so that we can help them in the right way…

One thing which I encounter that is different between Russia and Malaysia is the patient acknowledgement about their conditions. In Russia, the patient will tell you their diagnosed, drugs that they take,if they can’t remember,they will showed you their drug books, what types of drug,when, dosages and everything, so you won’t need to guess what drugs were they given before.

In Malaysia, this is what they told me, :”tak tau la doktor, I makan itu biji kuning punya sebiji, putih punya setengah biji dll…..”.Maybe you guys are good at that, but for me who is new here, I find it difficult to guess all the drugs just base on the description of the color and the shape.Sometimes they even didn’t bring their previous medication when they come to doctor. Honestly,I quite hard at guessing those drugs…

Well, those are just based on my personal opinions…If you got anything to say or to correct me,just leave me a words or two ya.

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14 Responses to …Sharing…

  1. Beh~ says:

    haha, that’s the role of pharmacist come in, to help to identify the drugs~
    Tell the pakcik that medicatin wont tersumbat, human gastric will dissolve it and the drug will dissolve aldready…

  2. limshouzhi says:

    Already council that patient la, haiz! really speechless when he told me this!hehe…

  3. kiahju says:

    your patient really very very cute ~~~!
    “tersumbat di mana-mana tempat di badan ” , if i hear this, sure i will speechless

  4. limshouzhi says:

    I was stunned for few minutes also…hehe…

  5. kiahju says:

    i think u r enjoying yr houseman life now, really very very interesting !

  6. limshouzhi says:

    Yup,quite enjoying,but still very tired! haiz…i hope i can made it!hehe…thx for ur support!

  7. kiahju says:

    + U + u

  8. limshouzhi says:

    Thx, quite enjoy the life there,juz very busy and tired lo,hehe!

  9. kiahju says:

    rest well when u hv time

  10. iynn512 says:

    hi, i would like to ask, in average one houseman will covers how many patient in hospital taiping? how many houseman per department? is the working environment in hospital taiping conducive? how about the quarters for staff there? how far is it from hospital?

  11. limshouzhi says:

    juz got back frm on-cal,hehe! well! if u wan to knw,we are lack of houseman here,so sometimes 1 people will cover a ward of 20-30ppl,or 2 houseman,it depends of the amount of houseman in your department,hehe! super challenging here,if you like challenge,welcome to Taiping…;) you learn a lot,yet u hv to sacrifices your time wf others,and the houseman quarter is juz in the hosp compound,u can reach any of ur department within walking distance,or 5 mins by car,hehe!

  12. iynn512 says:

    thank you so much for your information! currently i’m a final year medical student, and am surveying hospitals for my housemanship training. and yes, i do love challenges! i’ve been hearing about less opportunities for procedures and training elsewhere due to overflowing of housemen, so i’m looking for hospital that can provide a good housemanship training. i’m planning to stay in the housemen quarters (if there’s any available), so is it possible not to have car and survive there?

  13. limshouzhi says:

    Wow! great to knw u like challenge,Welcome to Taiping then,sure u will kena one once u apply Taiping!hehe,and I thk the houseman quarters got plenty of places,don’t worry,and if better come wf car la,coz life in Taiping is very dull without going out from the Hospital,hehe! Let’s me knw when u come ya,we can be friend ma,and hav a welcome party for u,hehe!juz msg me whn u plan to come,keep in touch ya!

  14. iynn512 says:

    thanks alot! omg now u make me scared plus excited to work there hehe. i’m not planning to get a car during hoship, want to save first, but then, plan can change. hehe glad to know that! if i get hosp taiping, i might contact you in the future 😀

    urm, u might want to erase ur phone number from comments above? bcoz it’s displayed publicly in the internet and we never know what sort of ppl might send various ridiculous msg to u… hee just a thought, but it’s up2u.

    again, thank you so much for ur welcoming reply 🙂 now i might put taiping as my first choice…hehe just hope that i can handle my ho life. and i’m hoping u’re coping well too, and i’m wishing you all the best and success in life 😀

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