…The Forgotten Heritage…The Tin Dredge…

…The Forgotten Heritage…The Tin Dredge…

Kinta Valley was famous for tin mining for 100 years ago; it brought enormous changes for Kinta Valley since then up until it made Ipoh from a village to become a state capital! The destiny of Kinta Valley was closely related with what we called tin or in Malays, bijih timah!

Kinta Valley was the richest tin mining district in the world at one time!

As the prove of this statement, I’m going to share with you the country’s only surviving tin dredge in Chenderung, which is located along the Batu Gajah-Tanjung Tualang road.

This Chinese New Year, me and my parents went to Teluk Intan to visit my parent’s friends and relatives, and while on our way back home to Penang, we came out of an idea, tried looking for traces for this ‘giant’!

This was my childhood memories; we stayed in Kampar last time because my father was working around that area, we used to see lots of these giants around the area because this was once known as the heart of tin in the world, lots of investors came here to invest and according to my father, there were about more than ten tin dredge giants around, but now, it left only one.

It took about 2 hours to find it, it wasn’t easy because we didn’t travel this road for more than 15 years, lots of changes along the way. If you want to visit the tin dredge, it suggest that better you come from Batu Gajah, then from Batu Gajah, follow the road to Cenderung and you will see this giant just along the road side.

According to The Star, T.T. No 5 was built in 1938 by W.F. Payne & Sons for Pernas Chartered Management Sdn Bhd. Once belonging to Southern Malayan Tin Dredging (M) Sdn Bhd, the dredge had scoured for tin ore in the Kinta Valley for 44 years until operations stopped in 1983 due to the collapse of the tin mining industry.

Great icon! Yet, lack and poor of proper management! And the giant is sinking…

The dredge is a massive steel structure when looked up close. Those who lack of awareness on how important it is would set his eyes on the thousands of tonnes of scrap metal that could be sold to a scrap metal dealer. That’s probably why there is only one left in West Malaysia.

You can enjoy and learn the history of the tin dredge once you stepped on it, try to imagine when it was still operating, didn’t it looks like a moving giant? It was magnificent! And this is the best teaching material for those who are learning the history of Malaysia, especially when Kinta Valley once emerged to dominate the tin ore in the world!

And yet, it seems like having the same fate like the dinosaurs, left to be rotten …

It is so sad that the local authorities didn’t take much initiative on develop it as one of the major tourist spot and well preserved it. 1st of the I would like to mentioned is the signboard to the Tin Dredge or the locals called it ‘Kapal Korek’.We didn’t see any signboard on the way there until 500m away from the location, so how others going here?

There is no proper conservation on it, the floor left to be rusted, the broken parts remains without any maintenance, all the valuable stuffs had been taken. Nothing has been done so far by them except the entrance fees.
The entrance fees is RM5 per adult and RM3 per kid, only lower zone is allow to visit, and if you wanted to go higher level, it is at your own risk and the authority won’t responsible for any injury.

I’m here sincerely hoped that the local authority will do something good to preserve our precious heritage, not to let it just sunk like this… And if you are ready this article, please do spread this news to others, tell them we got such thing in Malaysia, and for those who never know how we can harvest the tin, please do take a trip here, and please together we help to save our solely heritage!

When you plan your trip here, you not only can visit this tin dredge, you also got the chances to explore the Kellie’s Castle which is just located at Batu Gajah, and further to Teluk Intan, where our leaning tower is located!

Save the Tin Dredge!

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3 Responses to …The Forgotten Heritage…The Tin Dredge…

  1. TeohBL says:

    Very nice photos, great view inside the dredge. It really brings back the memories of the great times the country once had. The treassure that shouldn’t be forgotten.

  2. limshouzhi says:

    In fact we should together preserved this precious, too bad our local authority didn’t do it…

  3. lalitha says:

    Hello there! I came across your blog by chance when I was searching for tin mining in Kinta Valley. It’s heartening to see our heritage (yes I’m from Ipoh) being highlighted especially by young people like you. I was wondering if you heard about the Tin Mining exhibition in Ipoh recently…I’m sure you would have found it very interesting. Unfortunately it’s over now but you can follow the news in their blog at http://www.ipohworld.org/ (worth checking out).
    Best wishes!
    Lalitha Thiagarajah

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