…Reasons why you must visit Cameron Highland…

…Reasons why you must visit Cameron Highland…

The best getaway destination where you can escape your hectic city life…

There are different kinds of best reasons why you must visit Cameron Highland, why I saying that it’s because it is the only place where you can find the peace in your mind!

Cameron Highland is very easy to accessible nowadays as the new road has been opened that connected between Simpang Pulai and Cameron Highland, compared to the old road which took from Tapah, it is wider, more comfortable and faster to reach Brinchang.

Cameron Highland is a heaven to me!  The main reason why I like it is because of the cold climate over there, wow! It makes you feel fresh! At one point it will clam you soul and let your trouble being carried away by the cold breeze…

Things you must do during your visit to Cameron Highland…

Enjoy the finest black tea of Malaysia here. Cameron Highland is famous for its tea plantation, there BOH and Bharat Tea Plantation. And there are 4 places where you can enjoy your tea while enjoying the panorama of the tea plantation estate. The most tea shops traveled by tourist are both Bharat Tea Plantation which are just located at the road side, one is at Tanah Rata and the other one is at Brinchang.

If you wish to know more the details on how the tea leaves being processed, you might need to visit to BOH Tea Plantation where the tea factory are open to public. There are two also, one is at the Gunung Brinchang and the other one is near Tanah Rata, both of these places are not easier to travel as they are located at the hill side and in order to reach them, the road are a bit narrow and you might need a good driving skill just to reach there…hehe! Tea which I would like to recommend the most is Palas Supreme! You can’t get this tea elsewhere in Malaysia, trust me, this is the finest black tea I’ve ever tried in my life!

The superb moment is when you enjoying you tea while surrounded by the greenery environment where you can totally relaxed yourself!

Beside of that, there is one more place which I would like to recommend to you all! The Mossy forest!

Mossy Forest! The latest tourist hotspot in Cameron Highland which attracted thousands of tourists came here. Have you watched the movie Lord of the Ring? Have you seen the treeant there? If you wish to enjoy such a environment, come to Mossy Forest, in my opinion, it is quite a like for what we’ve seen in the movie, just those trees can move…haha, like those mosses which grows on the tree, and of course, it is good for photo shooting also…..;P

How to get there? Follow the sign board Gunung Brinchang, and you will reach the peak of the hill, the entrance just on your right side at the peak of the hill. There are tour for this also,you can purchase the tour at the hotel you stay, but if you wish to go there by yourself also is not a problem…hehe….

An ideal trip is you visit the Mossy Forest at Gunung Brinchang early in the morning, and after you visit the Mossy Forest, just dropped by the BOH Plantation along the way down the hill to enjoy your Palas Supreme!

Strawberries! Haha, you can self-pluck strawberries at any of the strawberries farm along the way from Tanah Rata to Brinchang. Enjoy the fresh strawberries which just plucked from the plant.

Sunflower seeds

For those photographer, hehe,like me. Cameron Highland is your heaven; you can take any kinds of plants and flowers there! Too bad, I still can’t find the traces of tulips there, if not, I will visit there more often! Hehe…

I will visit all the flowers shops or farm just to snap pictures! And I would like to recommend to you the Rose Valley, the entrance fees is RM4 and you can get different kinds of roses and others flowers there! Hehe…

I like flowers so much! Every time when I’m free, sure I’ll going somewhere to hunt down the pictures of different kinds of flowers like what I did with Xiangyun back there in Russia, hehe! Missed the time we spent together!

Others activities like bee farm, too bad I don’t have the pictures to show,but for those who like to experience the daily working life of a bee, why not just dropped by to any one of the bee farms along the way from Brinchang to Tanah Rata…

Butterfly farm? I advised that if you really want to visit the butterfly farm, come to Penang Butterfly Farm…hehe…

There’s no theme park or casino in Cameron Highland, but what Cameron Highland got is its unique nature’s environment which can’t find elsewhere in Malaysia…

I hope that the authorities will act more aggressively to protect our natural treasure from being destroyed by some irresponsible people. Honestly, in my point of view, this highland is being over exploited for agricultures… Lands being deforestation to build farms and hotels, peoples or botanists simply plucked or stole our precious exotic plants all over the forests, and certain places are not being well maintained! As the consequences, landslides, extinction of certain plants and changes of climate happened in Cameron Highland…

Yet, Cameron Highland still my number one destination to visit in Malaysia!

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3 Responses to …Reasons why you must visit Cameron Highland…

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  3. Zikril Hakim says:

    arh beautiful. Malaysia is beautiful i didnt notice it before. Cameron gonna be my next trips! thanks for info 🙂

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