…Temporarily Disconnected…

Just received a message from my friend yesterday, “Hey,didn’t hear from you for quite a while, how are you?”

Well, I’m still surviving in my current posting, just my life turned into bored and dull, more workloads, more responsibilities and more medico-legals stuffs that I have to be very careful, each step or plan that I did also might be a time-bomb that will explode without you knowing it…

My life no longer the same like my previous posting, here you have to be very careful and bare in mind that you have to always ‘pandai’ to cover your “back-side”. One mistake will makes your life miserable here!

There’s no joy or laugh here, everyone working under ‘super alert’ condition, always be prepare to be bombard by others, no one will see on how much you work, but will justify by how many mistakes you did.

It’s hard for me to express my emotions now, I’m so depressed! But I will try to survive, and always be prepare for the worst!

Maybe,the three emotions in the picture is the best to describe myself now…

Anyhow,I will temporarily disconnected from now,to be more prepared and concentrate more on my current posting. Just be patient,I will be back, and will bring more articles to share with all of you, as what I mentioned before,blogging is my life, hehe… And thanks for staying with me always!

Ciao, …limshouzhi…

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3 Responses to …Temporarily Disconnected…

  1. kiahju says:

    加油! 我相信你可以做得很好!!! 加油!

  2. Kate says:

    Cheers, friend. Working life always full with challenges, and complicated . Stay calm, and you will be able to resolve it. + oil

  3. limshouzhi says:

    Thx you friends! you r my biggest encouragement!will try my best over here!hehe…thx you so much!

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