…NNSMA,Class of 2011…

…Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy…

It’s been a very tiring weekend! Went to K.L post-call and rushed back for my pre-call! Yet, It’s a very meaningful day to all of us, it’s the graduation day of NNSMA Class of 2011!

Me and Xiangyun at the ball room

Congratz I would like to say to everyone, especially to my brother and my love, xiangyun. All your hard work finally made the day!

My brother receiving his medical degree

Well, it was a rainy morning as everyone were heading to the Tropicana Grand Ball Room, but, the event was great!

Xiangyun receiving her medical degree

Good job for NNSMA MSA team who have successfully organized such a great event! It was event better than Malaysian’s Nights before! I hope you guys will keep it up,make it an annual event, and if can, why not make it a annual gathering as well…;)

Brothers and sister

Sharing with you some of my moments with my family and my love…;)

A gathering of NNSMA Class of 2009,2010 and 2011

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