Was walking with my mother in the garden today and what amazed me were these tiny creatures hustle and bustle trying to collect as much nectar as possible during these monsoon season, and I’ve captured it and share with you guys…

It reminds me on how important teamwork are … The same condition existed in all communities, no man is an island, no one can’t be forever be alone in the society…

The same condition in the hospital, each of us contribute in order to make sure our hospital run smoothly, the PPK(pembantu pegawai kesihatan)- staff nurse- houseman- medical officer- specialist- consultant. We need to rely on each other to make sure everythings are being carried out. What do you think if there is no houseman taking bloods, setting the iv line, clerking cases and etc…. ;P Please appreciate your houseman!


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  1. mercadeo says:

    There’s a need for more hospitals to be gazetted as training centre for houseman. This may not be easy since the hospitals selected for houseman training must have adequate basic specialty services, adequate mixture of cases, and enough specialists to ensure proper supervision. Otherwise, we will be training incompetent doctors. Private hospitals would be most unwilling to be used as training for houseman. As part of the training, houseman needs to undertake procedure and this often become not practical in paying patients in private hospitals. They are also legal complications when houseman under government service undergoes training in private hospitals.

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