…Entering the Year of Dragon…

…2012… is around the corner . and

Guess what! Chinese New Year also just a month from now!

I’m sharing with you now….

Premiering to you…

The ‘limited edition!’of the 2012 开心乐龙龙-开心怎么少了你!…Cute cute Dragon! Can’t wait to share it with you guys… They are so adorable…

Like them so much!!! hehe…

Want to know see the real one? Play the MV and you can see how cute and adorable the dragon is…hehe…


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9 Responses to …Entering the Year of Dragon…

  1. limshouzhi says:

    Special thx to Jackie who brought me these dragons….

  2. Tzeming says:

    whr can buy it >.<

  3. Tzeming says:

    whr can buy this all of cute dragon ???>.<

  4. limshouzhi says:

    u cant buy it as they are limited edition!hehehe….

  5. Tzeming says:


  6. khor hung kit says:

    can you sell me one ? thank. if can sms me 017-4079911. thank it so much

  7. limshouzhi says:

    dude,they are complete in 3 la, how to sell u one le? sorry bro…

  8. Sally says:

    U want to sell 3 of them ??

  9. limshouzhi says:

    i dun hv the plan to sell them, actually, i like them so much!..hehe…

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